Dj justJeremy

Dj justJeremy

 Denver, Colorado, USA

DARK hard minimal techno very inur face face style base ..with a extreme tec mixing style sure to have the crowd going all night


jeremyboesa(a.k.a Dj just jeremy) is one of denver up and coming fresh new faces on the underground sence. while hailing from eastern colorado wher he was a origanl founder of the legendary come up krew.. He soon relised to expand he must move .So off he went to the big city where he soon hook up with a long time friend who helped to tune in his dj skills .Now his technical mixs along with the hard in your face base tracks makes for a style of true techn o that only the purisst could enjoy.often said .his dark style of technop can be directley related to his early influences iin music coming from the hard edged industrile rev of such band s as pigface ,friont 242,and 16 volt.....You can now catch him doing his monthley 6 hour super set at denvers own double downtown ..right off of market and 16th.. Now reping the S.U.B crew along with gottechno... this new commer to the scene is soon to make a impression


99.9%dope pt 1 and pt2

Set List

2 cdj and a mixer is all i need to tear the ruff off your venue