Dj Knucklz

Dj Knucklz

BandEDMHip Hop

I play music to make people dance and have a great time. I am into the energy of the crowd. If they are having fun then I am having fun. I love playing my own remixes as well as remixing live. I also love playing Baltimore breaks mixed with old skool house.


I think what sets me apart from most is my love for life and what it has to offer. I try to put forth that love into my playing and my music. I grew up in Baltimore Maryland with a Mom who loved to jump around and dance everywhere. I was embarrassed at the time but now I can really appreciate what it has brought out in me. As far as influences go, the music produced in Baltimore(breaks) really excites me for the dance floor. Very repetitive but fun to dance too. Alot of hip hop/ 50's music remixed to a faster dance beat. I really enjoy playing dancehall reggae too. I hate trying to give myself a label because good music that makes you want to jump around and let loose is all that I need and all that I want to give the audience.
I moved out of B-More about 14 years ago but keep in close contact with alot of producers there so that I can keep up on the music. I left to follow my dreams of snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing and have enjoyed every minute of it. I stiil do one of the 3 at least 3/5 times a week to keep my sanity and I let that reflect in my music. I also teach kids in Salt Lake how to skate, dj and produce music which helps to balance out my life.


I had a radio show out of Salt Lake for about 4 1/2 years called the FridayNightFallout which was very popular. Maceo from De La would send me 1/2 hour mixes each week. It was a very popular show but I started to travel too much and I had to give the show away to pursue my dreams of traveling to play music. I have released several cd's including sound tracks for major snowboard videos. I occasionally get my own music featured on Fuel tv as well.

Set List

My typical set list depends on the crowd, the venue, the time and where I am playing. I can do a 2 hour reggae set, an] 1 1/2 set of my own remixes live, a 3 hour hiphop set, a 3 hour dance set including baltimore breaks or I can mix them all together and play from sunset to sunrise.