DJ Koolz

DJ Koolz


I love music. I enjoy seeing people having a good time. With my music, I energize the club playing music to their mood. My personal preference in music is House and Vocal House.


Music is in my blood ever since I was ten (10) years of age. I started DJing for fun at parties from the tender age of 14. I learnt the step by my self and have been experimenting ever since. When I started High School, I was at every party, DJing for my friends. I got a club gig in Daytona Beach that lasted for two years. I took a long break from DJing in 1988. Even during my long break, I experimented with different styles and stuck with House and Vocal House. In 2003, I returned to my favorite job, DJing. I am trying my hands on getting into the club scene again and be a successful DJ all over again.


Currently working on my own production CD due to come out soon. I am looking for a label who will sign me and promote my CD when it comes out.