It is a rock-heavy influence Electronica/Trance/Happy Hardcore sound.


Jordan Thomas Vidrine a.k.a. “DJ L7" is a Christian DJ from Northeast Louisiana, born September 16, 1981 at Glenwood Hospital in Monroe, Louisiana with cleathe lip and palate, nearly died the first day his was born due to a complication to the “first in the nation” cleathe lip and palate surgery of it’s kind.

He graduated with Honors from Farmerville High School on May 12, 2000. After he graduated from high school, he went to Louisiana Tech University for two years majoring in Business Management, then went to Farmerville Vo-Tech for CNA/Phlebotomy, and finally Louisiana Delta Community College getting an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts graduating Fall 2009.

He was through many trials and hardships throughout his life. He has been thrown rocks at, calls names, been looks at in weird ways, rejected numerous times, died nearly three times during facial reconstructive surgeries, been into rehab three times - not for drugs or alcohol or sexual reasons - mental health reasons, lost my first love due doing something completely stupid being young at the time, and several near miss in my car. Just about everything has happened to me, except dying on the cross like Jesus Christ.

He made several famous friends, such as Cliff Millender and Hannah Sanders form “The Ultrasonics” or, Sony Pictures producer Anthony Herron, and screenwriter Karen M. Kallis with her first feature film in production for Disney Studios, “Morning Star and Moon” - a family film.

He has been a longtime ASCAP Full Writer Member #1621310 and American Film Institute Guild Member for two years.

He promised he won’t write his inspirational biopic until he is married and have children because this is when he is know he has truly “made” it in his life, not fame and fortune.

After graduating, he is planning to go into ministries and tell his life story to people at church before or after his concerts and Christian dance clubs around the nation and world.

Also, he is nearly completed his first fiction crime novel, “The Hawthorne’s Murders” - an ten years journey to complete, soon to be available on, Barnes and Nobles,, and several other retail and book outlets in Summer 2010.

He may be working for National Science Foundation for finding Pi, E=MIC2, and Polygonal Sphere Fusion Reactor to solve the world's energy problem by Summer for his independent research with his Professors at college.

Another project will be translated the ancient Aarabic Hebrew text or the "numbers" of all of Psalms, not the words or verses that you read everyday in the Bible at church, or Bible Study. or your personal time with Christ, into music based upon the "numbers" using the instrument during Bible times.


DJ L7 "Parallel Lives" - "Marriage of Love" and "In God's Hands"

Set List

Marriage of Love
In God's Hands
Things to Come
Paul's Song
Redemption Song
Darkness Into Light
Parallel Lives
Pull Apart And True Happiness
Dying On The Cross
Esphesians 43132