DJ Lady D

DJ Lady D

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

This DJ/Producer works the crowd into sweat-drenched splendor with a Funk-fortified sound. slightly Deep, Lady D's Disco-centered House style reflects Chicago's rep. Her big, blocky beats tumble systematically over throbbing basslines, euphoric female vocal loops and bliss-generating sound effects.


Lady D marries the classic house tracks of Chicago's past with the choicest four-to-the-floor stomps of today, and always throws down a soulful and sinful set. Known widely as Chicago's Queen of House Music, Darlene Jackson aka Lady D has been rocking dance floors nationally and internationally since 1995. “The Chicago House scene would be incomplete without Lady D”, as stated by famed UK writer Luke Magnuson.

Recognized for her top-notch A&R, production and remixing talents first as Label Manager at AfterHours and currently as owner of D'lectable Music, Lady D is respected industry-wide for releasing some of the hottest records in House music over the past ten years. She has played such places as Russia, Germany, Amsterdam, Mexico, Canada, Thailand and extensively across the USA.

Lady D has represented for Chicago House Music on film, radio and especially print. This media darling has been featured in such mags as Billboard, Spin, International DJ, Village Voice, Red Eye/Metromix, The Chicago Tribune, Time Out, UR Chicago, Chicago Scene, Venus, DMA, 5 Mag and Chicago Magazine.

She made her name in the mid 90’s for being one of the first women DJ’s on the underground house scene in Chicago and grew to become one of the most respected industry players who continues to emerge from the Chicago House 3rd wave following in the steps of Derrick Carter, Green Velvet & Sneak among others.

But DJ Lady D is not limited by any preconceived notion of House—her sets drift seamlessly into territories other’s fear to tread. She moves playfully from tracks to vocals, from Acid to jackin’ Techno transitioning to your favorite disco song and back to a big club anthem with finesse. Let's not forget those amazing Chicago gems played close to the chest of her collection. One thing's for sure: it's her selection of songs that sets her apart and always will. Her mix, simply stated, isn't the same old same old.

Lady D has a special way of not only making the mix sound "D"electable, but also making seemingly distinct genres feel like they actually belong together. That’s a gift--a talent; and Lady D has an ear and a passion for music that makes her sound unique yet accessible to many.

Behind the decks for a decade and a half, DJ Lady D's discography gained traction in 2010 with new productions and remixes for Open Bar Music (NYC), Sneakerz (NL), 5 Chicago magazine and more. She is pushing new releases from new artists on her label D'lectable and continuing to get in the studio for more of her own juicy works to come in 2011...

Everyone knows Lady D is a true professional, able to inspire any dance floor in any club she plays—from Bangkok to Waikiki from Moscow to Montreal—she's fun, fashionable and fresh. Can she be for real? To that we say, it's time you get to know the real DJ Lady D.



Written By: Lady D

Touch touch pull me closer
Get me out onto the floor
Bodies moving all around me
Give me what I came here for

(repeat 3x)

Working for my money ain't a damn thing funny
The other 9-to-5 is what keeps me alive, inside
More pride than Charlie, got flavor enjoli
I love the nightlife I love to boogie 'cuz
We tip our cups and then it's time to go into the club
Behind the velvet rope they open up when we walk up
You can't get in, I'm not your friend
Don't be a hater I guess I'll see you later 'cuz

I feel good, I feel fine, I feel good, I feel good, I feel fine
(repeat 2 x)
I feel good, I feel fine, I feel good, I feel fine, I feel good

You grab my hips, I lick my lips then take a sip
It's time to dip and you don't trip
Because we're having a ball yea
That music's swirling now
I can't stop moving oww
The beat is in my brain
And all up in my veins
My body's in a trance
And I just wanna dance
Nasty girls dance dance
(repeat 4 times)
Nasty girls dance, dance, dance

Touch touch pull me closer
Get me out onto the floor
Heavy rhythm all around me
Give me what I came here for

For (repeats) I came here for

I feel good, I feel fine, I feel good, I feel good, I feel fine
(repeat 5 x)


Artist, Title, Credit, Label
1. Ron Carroll feat Lady D: You Rock My World;
written & performed; Sneakerz Muzik (NL) 2009; Remixes
by Mark Simmons and Oliver Twizt 2010;
also appears on Hed Kandi World Series: London (Hed Kandi 2010)
2. Bear Who?: Durty Thang; produced as Joint Effort
(Lady D & Max Loomis); Open Bar Music 2009; also
appears on Open Bar Luxembourg (digital compilation) 2010
3. Lady D presents Nick Maurer: Beautiful Person 2009;
remixes; executive producer, A&R; D’lectable Music 2009, 2010
4. Lady D presents OGC feat Kelly Love:
Pump Dance parts 1 & 2; executive producer, A&R;
D'lectable Music 2006; also appears on DJ Sneak
Sessions; Ministry of Sound 2006
5. Lady D presents MrEggGerm feat. Typhonie Monique:
Bring Me Love; executive producer, A&R; D’lectable Music 2005
6. Stacy Kidd: Bad Accident; Lady D’s
D’lectable Edit; arranged, edited; D’lectable
Music 2005
7. Glenn Underground & Charles Matlock:
The Voice (Memories); Lady D’s Bonus
Beats Edit; produced, arranged; D’lectable
Music 2004
8. Demarkus Lewis feat Lady D: I’m A
Freak; written & performed; Vista Records 2004
9. RC Groove starring Lady D: High Again;
written & performed; remixed by Felix Da Housecat;
Body Music 2002; remixed by Djinxx on
BlackJack/Riviera (France) 2002; also appears on
Mega Techno 8; Wagram 2002; also appears on United
Beats of Fab G; Blackjack 2002; also appears on Catch Me; Reinvent
Music 2006
10. Poetry & Rhythm feat Lady D:
Making Love; written & performed; Body
Music Records 2001; also appears on Lightwave: Journeys By
DJ, mixed by John Selway; Journeys by DJ's Records 2002
11. Lady D: Naked Kaleidoscope; Mixed
Compilation; produced, compiled, arranged,
mixed; SHR/AfterHours Records
12. Lady D: Champagne Lady; produced,
arranged; Sessions Vol. 2 SHR/AfterHours 2000,
vinyl & CD compilation; track 10; various artists

US DJ Appearances:

Albuquerque, NM
Austin, TX
Bloomington, ID
Boston, Ma
Brooklyn, NY
Chicago, IL
Cincinnati, OH
Cleveland, OH
Columbus, OH
Dallas, TX
Denver, CO
Detroit, MI
El Paso, TX
Grand Rapids, MI
Green Bay, WI
Honolulu, HI
Houston, TX
Indianapolis, IN
Kansas City, MO
Lansing, MI
Las Vegas, NV
Los Angeles, CA
Louisville, KY
Madison, WI
Memphis, TN
Miami, FL
Milwaukee, WI
Minneapolis, MN
Nashville, TN
New York, NY
Phoenix, AZ
Portland, OR
San Francisco, CA
Santa Barbara, CA
Santa Monica, CA
Seattle, WA
St Louis, MO
Tyson’s Corner, VA
Washington D.C.

North American Appearances:
Montreal, CAN
Toronto. CAN
Vancouver, CAN
Acapulco, MX
Mexico City, MX

European Appearances:
Stuttgart, Germany
Mannheim, Germany
Moscow, Russia
Amsterdam, NL

Asia Appearances:
Bangkok, Thailand

2000--FIRE 16 city tour sponsored by
2002--Lady D over Germany tour, by the
Loft Club (DE)
2003--Angels & Robots 10 city tour w/
Slater Hogan, sponsored by MIXER
2004--FILTHY ANIMAL tour sponsored
by For Love Only, Inc
2005--D’lectable Music “Perfect 10” Tour 10
cities, sponsored by D’lectable Music Ltd &
Insite Management
2006-2007-- SUPERJANE 10 year
Anniversary tour