dj Lash Larue

dj Lash Larue


A delightful blend of progessive house, filthy breaks and pounding electro. I am very crowd conscious - I like to play to the audience, my style will change to keep 'em dancin.


Since arriving in 2001, from Canmore, Alta., Lash Larue has long been synonymous with the underground House music scene in Halifax. He was playing wherever you would find people dancing. His crowd pleasing mix of house, techno & breaks has made him a local favorite at downtown clubs, after hour spots and outdoor venues.

After returning home from Europe in 2006 Lash gained a residency with Underdog Productions, the most prestigious production company in Halifax. Since his return Lash has had the honor of playing along side Chicago’s Dj Dayhota, Ottawa’s MV, NYC John Howard and most notably the number one voted house deejay in the world for 2006, San Fransico’s Dj Dan. Always excited and never disappointing, this Hal-town House Head will be sure to bring out the best in every dance floor he has the honor of playing for!


I have a number of tracks playing on my weekly House Music radio show "Our House" on Halifax, Nova Scotia's 88.1 CKDU FM (
Currently shopping for a label.
"My Obsession" (Lash's Dirty Dub) (promo only)
"You Name, I Love Ït" (Original) (promo only)
"Shame on You" (Original) (promo only)
"All About House Music" (Lash Larue's 2008 mix) (promo only)

Set List

I will generally play at least an hour set (10-15 songs) which will include my productions mixed along side others deejays works.