DJ Limn

DJ Limn

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I like to mash-up and remix classic Funk and Soul tracks with vocals from Pop songs. My roots are DJing Hip-Hop and Old-School Breaks, but recently I have been incorporating Electro into my sets. My focus is the dance floor and playing whatever it takes to get the party going.


I began rapping and producing Hip Hop instrumentals in 2000. I started DJing two years later in 2002. That year I joined a local Hip Hop group called the Typikal Human Animals. I made beats, rapped, and DJ'd with them until 2004, when I formed a group called the Archivists. The Archivists are still performing today; we just finished a group compilation and our first west coast tour.
My first experiences with music were as a swing dancer in 1995. I was part of multiple performance troops and taught in many studios in Santa Fe, NM. From 1998 to 2000, I was a host on a swing music radio show every Wednesday night. the show was called Swing Kids and aired on KSFR 90.7 FM.
My background in dance and Swing music greatly influenced my DJing. It gave me an appreciation for classic music from the past, and an awareness of the dance floor. As a dancer i find it necessary to keep people moving on the floor, or at the very least have heads bobbing a the bar.
I DJ all over Albuquerque as different gigs are offered to me. I have been DJing every Friday night at the Nob Hill Bar and Grill for the past year and a half. I am the only DJ in ABQ who plays his own songs in the mix with other peoples'. I have been working on a routine that is strictly my own production, but I have found that blending my own music with other DJs gets the best response. I also DJ for various Rappers in town and, on occasion, get on the mic and rap. I can hold down a party with or without anyone else.


-Who Is Limn?
-Its All Hip Hop To Me Vol.1
-Weapon X: Prelude to a Legend

Set List

The shortest sets I play locally are two hours long. I typically play an entire night (4-5 hours).
-From my own library:
Mercedes Benz (Limnetic Remix)
If You Go to San Francisco (Limnetic Remix)
What is a DJ (Limnetic Mix)
Take a Ride (Limnetic Mix)
-From other people's libraries:
Daniel Merriweather - Change feat. Wale (The Count's Doin It Mix)
Bird Peterson - Keep It Hood (Bird Peterson Remix)
Michael Jackson - Bad
South Rakkas Crew - Mad Again (Boy 8-Bit Remix)
(this is the kind of stuff I play, but my sets really depend on the venue and the crowd. I am working towards having routines in every genre).