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Dj Little Fever

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DJ Little Fever... some say his style is like no other, an evolved fusion of todays chart topping hits with classic throwbacks of yesteryear. DJ Little Fever takes you on a musical journey each and every time he hits the turntables. Prepare to be rocked each time he plays ... that’s why he’s been dubbed - Mr. iRock the party.
Hailing from northern Ontario, DJ Little Fever has recently he has made the GTA his new home. Music is in his blood. Fever shows his confidence & passion in everything he does. Whether it be in the clubs or in the studio. He rocks every challenge put in front of him.
His love of the craft grew in lockstep with his love of production, graduating from Canadore College (TV Broadcasting, and Communica- tions) and Mohawk College (Radio Broadcast- ing), DJ Little Fever has met every diverse group as a chance to expand his horizons mu- sically and professionally.
His radio career is as diverse as some of the venues in Ontario he has played.
Radio - 91.7 Giant Fm, 97.7 HTZ FM, 105.7 ez rock, 610 Cktb and The New Flow 93.5 (As There Commercial/Content/Imaging Producer)
Diving into the market of Online Radio Fever has made his shows Staples of your weekend party scene
The Hangover Mix show Saturdays @ Noon on - DJ Little Fever hits you with the very best in ..... EVERYTHING.
The Fixx Sundays @ 1pm on www.bounce-fm. com - DJ Little Fever hits you again with the heat on your Sunday afternoon. Listed as the best mix show on a Sunday from 1 to 2
With his years of experience, His knowledge of music and his non stop work ethic ...... prepare for DJ Little Fever .. to ROCK THE PARTY
DJ LITTLE FEVER IS .... MR. iRock The Party

Set List

Rehab - Oakville, May 2010
Club 54 - Burlington, May 2010
Blue Martini - Hamilton, April 2010
Hyde Lounge - Toronto, March 2010
The Drink/Cathouse - Toronto, December 2010
Lot 332 - Toronto, December 2010
Issacs - Brock University, St Catharines, November 2009
Dragon Fly - Niagara Falls, August Long 2007
Paaeez - Toronto (Weekly 150 ppl), Summer 2010
L3 - St Catharines (Weekly 600 ppl), 2005 to 2010
Stella’s - St Catharines (Weekly 400 ppl), 2004 to 2009
Moose & Goose - Thorold (Special Events 800 ppl), 2004 to 2009 Arizonas - Thorold (Summer Weekly – 1000 ppl), 2004 to 2009 Rumours - Niagara Falls (Summer Weekly 900 ppl), 2007/8 to 2009
Joe Dogs - Grimsby (Winter/Spring Weekly 100 ppl), 2009
Karma - St Catharines (Student Pub Weekly 250 ppl), 2007 to 2008
Port Mansion - St Catharines (Summer 300 ppl), 2006
Hard Rock Night Club - Niagara Falls (Weekly 300ppl), 2005 to 2007
Club Mardi Gras - Niagara Falls (Weekly 250 ppl), 2003 to