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"The Lorax 'Slouching In Your Chair'"

The Lorax aka Joshua English presents his debut album, „Slouching In Your Chair“, creator of the sub genre Down-Tekno & tireless producer/intrepid aural documenter well known for appearing in the chillout/downtempo lime light for over 15 years creating sound scapes for psy events & mood and vibe for some of the most chic uber hip happenings on the west coast of California, his home & stomping grounds for himself and his family. A Feel-Good Ambi-Groover. - Mushroom Magazine


album title: san-inform. (download only)
album title: slouching in your chair (cd release january 2009)



djLoRAx was born in the forest known as Joshua Tree National Monument in California. Since 1975 he has roamed the earth with an insatiable thirst for spirit and learning. He has lived in every corner of the state of California collecting a knowledge base of the musical richness that California has to offer. He began at an early age collecting eclectic music. His parent's vinyl collection was very diverse, and started him on a long journey through musical exploration. He spent hours poring over
each and every note of artists like Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Herbie Hancock, Marvin Gaye and Miles Davis as a child. He developed an early taste for Jazz from pioneers like Art Ensemble, Ornette Coleman and Thelonius Monk in his early teens while at the same time discovering the rambunctious yet metered angst coming from the original straight edge punk scene in D.C. Bands like Fugazi, Nation of Ulysses and Rites of Spring and the like formed a rebellious streak in his musical development while his jazz influences informed his minimalist tendencies. Towards the end of his high school years, he began studying artists who pioneered layered sound. Artists like Ennio Morricone, Phillip Glass, John Cage, Harold Budd, Brian Eno, Howard Shore proved to him that form and function follow each other like a snake eating its own tail.

In 1992 he experienced electronic music through the burgeoning dance scene in the Bay Area. He quickly began learning all he could about dj'ing, awed by the resemblance to west african drummers leading hordes of dancers. In 1993, he began playing in an experimental jazz group dubbed Child. Childʼs modus operandi was spontaneity. Through this group he was introduced to Kyle Dreher. Kyle and djLoRAx would go on to form the Mouse in Zulu collective along with Binnie Yip and Random (geomagnetic records). djLorax began throwing parties with Random and Binnie that demonstrated the diversity of their friendship. Soon, djLoRAx found his voice as a dj spinning the vinyl that he had grown up with creating lush ambience and downtempo rhythms. Often incorporating 4 turntables, djLoRAx layered sound with a skill that spoke to his intimate knowledge of the music he played.

After starting a family in 1999, djLorax also started creating his own flavor of ambience replete with blips and bleeps and steeped in the eclectic influences that make up his pantheon of muses. djLoRAx's music can hardly be defined; it is a blanket of sound that wraps the listener in a cinematic vision of the world. Not only bringing the listener with him, but inviting the listener to join the activity of the voyage. A mental massage.