Dj Mak 10

Dj Mak 10


Dj Mak 10 set is a mash up of ecletic electronic madness with surging bass and energy. With the use of sound effects and digital processing, definatly one to watch


Dj Mak 10 is a pioneer in the UK grime scene, although he is not just a Grime DJ, Mak also specialises in all other areas of Bass music.
Maks career started with the infamous Nasty crew, which developed most of grimes biggest acts to date with the likes of Dizzee Rascal, Kano, Ghetto, D Double E, Footsie , Monkee (Newham Generals), Jammer, Jme , Skepta ,Dirty Goodz, Bruza ,Roll Deep, also brothers Lil Nasty and Griminal plus many more.
Mak 10 is the DJ that people listen to for what’s new and happening in the scene having an extraordinary catalogue of producers.

Also more recently Mak has set up the internet radio station, Nasty.Fm which specialises in world bass music with DJs broadcasting from countries including Spain, Italy, Canada and Czech Republic to name a few.


Dj Mak 10 - 24 hrs

Dj Mak 10 Feat. Chloe Amber Wonder