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"DJ Maniakal in The Source (April/May Edition)"

But the same selfish attitude that can kill a partnership between the DJ and the artist can also kill a coalition. The Bay Area Crew, Dynasty Fam, comprised of 50 DJ's, fell apart after a year and a half. "The problem was a lot of DJ's couldn't understand the bigger picture, the vision of what to do with it, because it was all about me, me, me," says DJ Maniakal, one of the coalition's founders. - The Source

"DJ Maniakal Inteview in WWS Magazine"

DJ Playlist:
I’m playing music that when I listen to it I can here it in a certain club or on a certain mixtape or for a certain crowd . I am one of the few dj’s in my region that actually ” Break’s Record’s ” , If your Music is mixdown & mastered properly and fit’s what I’m doing when you ask me then I will support it , It’s gotta make 100% sense . I’m trying to take a chance and play with other’s aren’t and back it with something strong after .

Favorite DJ:
I haven’t been exactly inspired by anyone were I’m like ” WOW ” , I watch other people & learn techniques and try to turn it into my Own Style . I’m trying to surpass these peoples so i gotta tell myself ” I CAN DO THAT ” , AND BETTER !!! Mentor’s , I do have .. Rick Lee , Jazzy Jim , Djam Hassan , Danny Dee , E rock , DJ Juice are people who have talked the game with me & taught me minor thing’s that are MAJOR . Sometimes you over look little thought’s and those are the ones that can change your career .

Favorite aritst:
2pac ( Tupac Shakur ) , Eminem , Ludicris , Les Gimix. Even though I just turned 25 , in the music business i’m still a young dude getting out of jail and making this my career ( 4 years ago ) instead of doin other thing’s with my life , this was not the easiest thing for me . I say these artist cause everything I have been through in life I’m able to relate to them on a personal level , like ” Oh shit !!! U too , I didn’t know that ” , to were it made me realize even more that in life i’m not the only person that has been through struggle which keep’s you Hungry and Humble & pushin .

Favorite album:
Diverse Album that stuck too me when I was younger growing in this game was probably ” College Drop Out ” Kanye Really surprised the world with his real entrance to the main stream and then really put a twist on that album .. Very Diverse .. Lyrical content amazing and just confident .

Favorite club:
I haven’t really found a Club that I enjoy as a DJ like that Yet , I’ve been in sooo many but there still all kind of the same .. This is why it’s so important for me to get out of the area and really feel what it’s like to get appreciated for my work , My Craft , DJ’s don’t get enough recognition these days.

Favorite drink:
Adios MU F&#$^&* ( AMF ) Henny & Long Island , I’m a dark drinker you could say .. No Light’s ( Unless there is nothing else to drink .. LOL )

Favorite video game:
It sound’s harsh & all but I don’t play video games , don’t watch too many movies & don’t watch Tv .. I’m so focused on this career once I make it in this , then I can have all that to live for .

How is the music scene in your area like?
We’ll I’m from a Town In the Bay Area , C.a Called ” Newark ” & Yes Newark does touch the bay area so i am from the Bay . Alot of people rep it and there from wild ass places . We’ll 1 word to Describe MYSELF is ” ENTREPENEUR ” , I have great amount of experience in many different areas of the music industry & business . From running a DJ Coalition of 50+ dj’s , Too In partnership throwing convention’s & summit’s , To throwing massive & smaller scale concert’s , Booking agent , Marketing & Promotions , Record Pool’s , PR / Media , Club Promoter , and of Course being the DJ / Entertainer / Business man Of course . The Music Scene in Our Area is 1. Over- Saturated 2. There is NO REAL Music Industry but affiliation’s meaning no Major Record Label’s nor people who can sign artist or get artist deal’s , and even if there was Our artist don’t sale enough unit’s for the fact that alot are very comfortable with home or just don’t know how or what it takes to connect with people out of the Bay Area . 3 . Alot of Record Label’s go blow a whole lot of money in area’s that are uneccessary instead of actually treating this as a business which that’s what it is . Honestly , I love Home & have learned alot but I’m ready to see the rest of the world , ITS TIME .. LOL .

What are you currently working on, and do you have any projects in the works?
I’m currently working on my Image , working out , gaining weight , eating better , being more selective of what I do cause I know my worth . OHHH , In the Music Industry ??? LoL JP . Actually I just got Off a West Coast Tour with The Source Magazine : Bay Area , LA , & Las Vegas , I’ve been touring with a Group that is Touring with Tech Nine , Getting more Into Non Profitable Organizations w/ the kids and also to help me out with more press / media . My Mixtapes you should be Looking for are : Talib Kweli , J Kwon , Pretty Ricky & Bobby V & possibly Ying Yang Twins & Cherish , Also Just got back From the Mixshow Power Summit In Vegas .. So this year I’m about making Power moves or i’m not moving @ all . You’ll see me out the states alot this year .

What suggestions do you have for other artists in the music industry?
I’m gonna keep this one as short and simple as possible .. Too do this right & if your Independent , GET U AN INVESTOR OR SPONSER . Too get that you - WWS Magazine

"DJ Maniakal & DJ Quantum in Freshcoast Magazine"

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"DJ Maniakal & DJ Quantum in Xplosive Magazine"

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"DJ Maniakal & DJ Quantum in I-Networx Magazine"

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DJ Maniakal has broken Many Major Artist , Local Artist & product's such as : 50 cent's " Get Rich Or Die Trying " , Movie , Soundtrack , Video game & 50 Cent's G Unit Shoe through Reebok. Local Artist Such as E 40 , Bailey , Big Rich , Dem Hoodstarz , Etc . Also Marketing Promotions for Nos Energy Drink & Coca Cola's Energy Drink " Rehab " . Maniakal's Latest Accomplishment would be Independent work for Clear Channels # 4 Market Radio Station - KYLD " Wild 949 " . Not to be forgotten " DJ Maniakal NOW Syndicated on 50 Radio Stations WorldWide in Country's like : Belgium , France , China , Japan , Europe and of course the Us & states within the Country .



“DJ Maniakals” Bio

As a teen, he had to overcome many life obstacles. Having grown up in a single parent home without the guidance and upbringing of a father, and with a mother whom despite her undying love for her son, had trials and tribulations of her own; Tommy Wheeler, better known in the music industry as “DJ Maniakal” had to take on a care givers role at a very early age. He always knew that he had a passion and love for music; however because of life’s challenges he had to continuously put that love and passion for music on hold and concentrate on the things that would provide him an income, to better care for not just himself, but also his mother and siblings. After a significant number of bad choice regarding his life, and realizing that life doesn’t lend itself to many second chances, he had a life changing choice to make, whether to continue making destructive choices for his life or change his ways. It was at that time that Tommy decided to pursue his love and passion for music with much more intensity than in the past. Having decided to become a full time DJ, his brothers felt that the name “Maniakal”, which meaning is “crazy” was a perfect choice for Tommy’s industry name. , given his past history and fearless ways. At the beginning, Maniakal was not too fond of the name, but decided to go along with it anyway. It was at that time that he made the decision to utilize all of his past negative experiences and turn them into something positive. His continuous grind, hustling and stepping out of the box mentality, allowed Maniakal the opportunity to overcome barriers in the music industry that often times take other individuals a lifetime to achieve. With a rapidly growing fame and reputation for knowing how to keep the parties going, the fans quickly took notice of DJ Maniakal and were growing fond of not just the DJ but of the man behind the name “DJ Maniakal”. Leaving him with no other alternative than to embrace his new name and utilize it as a constant reminder of where he once was in his life and where he is today. It goes without saying that DJ Maniakal’s powerful style , energetic personality, and undeniable voice have gained him the respect in the music industry and have landed him major mix tape opportunities with many industry heavy hitters such as; J Kwon, Talib Kweli, Ying Yang Twins to name a few. Due to his affiliation with a National Network Maniakal featured on many well-known websites and Media publications. Fast forwarding to the present DJ Maniakal is remarkably one of the wisest, young business minded individuals in the music industry today. He also is the hottest Entertainment/DJ in the bay now. Being a party Rocker, and always knowing how to keep his club goers involved and yearning for more, has made him one of the most sought after DJ’s in the Bay area. From his mix tapes to his magazine interviews, TV shows, and with his well-deserved position at clear channel’s radio station Wild 94.9 having become official, Do Maniakal is at the cusp of a rising career. Focused on his future, and the things that matter most in life, such as family career it is no wonder that DJ Maniakal possess an undisputable sense of self confidence and charisma that lets others know that anyone can overcome life’s trials and tribulations as long as you have the will and determination to turn something negative into something positive. Remembering to stay focused on what matters most, your dreams.

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