Dj Max

Dj Max

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i am a hip hop/club dj. iv been spinning for 6 years. i have been giging for 2 years in the reno/tahoe area. i love music and i want to progress in the live entertainment buisness.


The reason i got into djing was because of scratching. i first heard it when i was 10 years old, got my first decks when i was 14, and have been mixing and scratching ever since. what makes me different than most club djs is that i have a lot of scratch influence in my music. when i mix i dont just play songs, im mixing a different song every 30 seconds with crazy drops, effects, and scratches. Its much more fun to listen and dance to music that you know is being manipulated LIVE, and thats what i do!


I have made countless mix tapes. I make my own beats and produce. I plan to be on the radio one day.

Set List

My "typical" set list does not exist. I have done over 30 gigs, and I adjust my set list for each one. Usually my sets can go from 3 to 7 hours.