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The best kept secret in music


"Mixtape Review"

This one has been getting non-stop walkman rotation here at the Lab and to the friends we slipped it to. It's a joint collaboration of Nando and Mike C from the left coast crew, Top Rawmen. Nando's side is a mix of the early 90s songs that all of us rocked in high school: "Chief Rocka, 360, Who Got the Props, The ? Remains, Ring the Alarm, Time's Up, PLO Style, Award Tour, Come Clean, Gasface Refill, Rakin in the Dough, Where I'm From" and many more forgotten classics. Nando's blends are smooth as 2 dollar bills, and his skratching and doubles tease like MTV Spring Break. Also on this side, you get that drop dead chinese restaurant prank call (Me Thai too!) that was circulating over the net, and Nando's impressive appearance on the Wake-Up Show where he rocks his George Michael, Tone Loc, and Award Tour routines. Mike C flexes his skills on the flip side with mixed sections consisting of special remixes of newer songs, special blends of older underground classics (peep Nas' Fast Life verse with Crooklyn Dodger's beat), and some wicked crispy skratching. A lot of hidden dopeness on this side, so pay close attention. And if that ain't enough, the entire crew gang bangs the turntables in the monster scratch song "Say Who's in Your Crew." Definite automobile tape deck material or walkman if you ride subways like us. Cool cover too. -

"Mixtape Review"

Souper DJs: Hip-hoppers and turntablist fans bear witness to "My Side's Better ... Naw Mine Is!," the tasty new mixtape from Top Rawmen, a DJ crew featuring Greenhaven native Mike C (nee Mike Chua). Along with DJ Nando, Top Rawmen blend East Coast hip-hop classics (Lords of the Underground's "Chief Rocka," Gang Starr's "The ? Remains") along with turntable trickery that'll spin heads. Thump it in your car or study the scratch mayhem -- Top Rawmen deliver the goods. - Sacramento Bee newspaper

"Song Review"

various artists :: Return of the DJ Volume 4 :: Bomb Hip-Hop
as reviewed by LOS

At a time when true Hip-Hop representation is lacking from the many outlets that claim to "keep it real" or take Hip-Hop politics and culture to a "higher level," Bomb Hip-Hop has again hit the industry hard like penitentiary steel. The all DJ/all scratching Return of the DJ series is undoubtedly the definitive sound/source representing the DJ pillar of Hip-Hop (DJing, B-Boying, MCing, and Graffiti writing are the holy pillars). Volume IV of the acclaimed series enlist some old greats with signature styles and traditional tricks along side some young guns biting and scratching for new found fame. Right now a lot of DJ's have settled. Plain and simple. They've told themselves that they've mastered all there is to learn on the 1 and 2s. Volume IV showcases those DJ's that know the craft hasn't even scratched the surface of musical contribution and/or manipulation as a Hip-Hop DJ. In the previous volumes the general feel has been that of expressing current styles or a wonderful collage of sorts. Not this time around! Someone, somewhere bumped into a table one too many time at a set. Or, maybe MC Nu Nigga, in the shiny suit, all blinged out, sittin' on dubs surrounded by a herd of video hoes is no longer going to be tolerated. In any case, the message is loud and clear: "Without the DJ Hip-Hop wouldn't be here," to paraphrase Defari a bit...

Representing the yesteryear sound bites of Hip-Hop jams comes from the dexterity of Top Rawmen (Yeroc, Nando, Nomad, Mike C, and Jay Slim). They went back to massacre Marley Marl's 'Symphony vol. 1' upgrading it raw like and tweaking out a 'Symphony 3000.' One part beat juggling mixed with two parts of , "... how you like me now?" Personalized the song they did. Staying inside lines of how the original was laid out by Juice Crew members, you get a full flavor rush of what what five DJ's sound like ripping the same song to create one new song.



"My Side's Better... Naw, Mine Is!"
Hip-hop/turntablist mixtape

"The Top Rawmen Crew Presents Mike C"
Hip-hop/turntablist mix CD

"Say Who's In Your Crew"
instrumental scratch piece featured on
Stray Records compilation
"Cue's Hip-Hop Shop Vol. 2"

"Symphony 3000"
instrumental scratch piece featured on
Bomb Hip-Hop Records compilation
"Return of the DJ Vol. 4"


"Until Tuesday Comes"
vinyl remix EP

by Far East Movement

"Things I Do"
by Toquon Tha MC, Bias, & Nico

"One And Only Love"
by Nico f/ Melanie Nyema


Feeling a bit camera shy


As a member of LA's acclaimed Top Rawmen DJ crew, Mike C has made his mark in the arenas of live battles and performances, mixtape recordings, original beat production, and club DJing.

Originally from Sacramento, CA, Mike paid his dues throughout the Bay Area and Southern California hip-hop DJ battle scenes starting in 1996. He moved on to the national level in 1999 by advancing to the ITF (International Turntablist Federation) U.S. National Finals, where he placed second. Mike gained further worldwide exposure that year as a featured performer on the video release by DJ Qbert and the Invisibl Skratch Piklz entitled "Turntable TV No. 7: Wash Your Trash."

In 2000, Mike and TR crewmate Nando presented "My Side's Better; Naw, Mine Is!" Regarded as a classic in the genre of hip-hop/turntablist mixtapes, "My Side" was the perfect collection of classic '90s era hip-hop, blended seamlessly with now-school turntablist skills and cuts. Also in 2000, the duo took second place in the ITF Western Hemisphere Teams Competition, despite going up against teams made up of 3 to 5 DJs. Meanwhile, "Say Who's In Your Crew," an all-scratching song from the "My Side" mixtape featuring the entire Top Rawmen crew, saw nationwide distribution on the Stray Records compilation "Cue's Hip-Hop Shop, Vol. 2."

The next year, the TR crew joined the canon of Bomb DJs as their scratch song "Symphony 3000" was featured on the album "Return of the DJ, Vol. 4," along with works from Qbert, Spinbad, and other turntablists from around the globe. In 2002, Mike followed up the "My Side" mixtape with a solo mix CD entitled, plainly enough, "The Top Rawmen Crew Presents Mike C." Continuing in the vein of '90s-era hip-hop blended with battle-savvy turntable skills, the compilation was distinguished by Mike's unique brainchild "The Ahhhh Song." With everything including the bassline, hi-hats, chorus, and drums scratched manually using only the "ahhhh" sound, it broke conceptual ground as the first song to be scratched entirely from only one sample.

Mike's latest release, a vinyl-only remix EP called "Until Tuesday Comes," marks another chapter in his developing contribution to hip-hop. With vocals from Nas, Talib Kweli, Common, Mos Def and others married perfectly to Mike's self-produced instrumentals, the EP marks his emergence from DJ to producer. In making this transition, modeled by DJ Premier, Pete Rock, and others before him, Mike aims not only to follow in their career paths, but to uphold their legacies as well.

In addition to his own DJing and producing, Mike serves as an instructor at the west coast chapter of the Scratch DJ Academy, founded by the late Jam Master Jay. For more info, visit

Top Rawmen Crew Official Website: