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My interest in forms of electronic music was grabbed back in the 70's, as a young kid growing up in Northern, Va and Washington, DC, I embraced the Hip Hop/ B Boy Culture in the early 80's. That's when I wanted to be a Dj someday. I also embraced groups like Echo & The Bunnymen, The Cure, New Order, Simple Minds, Jazz, Classical and more. These forms have been a major influence in my approach to what I do and how my sets are constructed and delivered. I followed genuine NY Hip Hop, and Electronic Music through Highschool (when Electronic Music was very new to most around here) and went to various DC Clubs. When I went to college in Richmond, Va I found a true Underground Electronic music Culture and became and integral part of that as one of the main organizers/ promoters. I promoted there for 15 years, creating my event Robot Rok 5 years ago and my affiliation back in 2002. I not only put on events there in Richmond but I also traveled to other events throughout VA, DC, Baltimore, Philly, NYC, and Detroit. I know the roots of the music and honor that to this day. So many people want to be dj's but only some can be truly special. I am one of the rare ones that keep the traditional forms alive and living on into the future. The visual aesthetic that represents the events and performers is also key. All of our events uphold how truly special this music and culture is and always will be, even as some try to pass it off as a fad or only dependent on drugs to enjoy it's magic. I am also an educator everywhere I go to make sure those from the past that set the path for this special music and culture, live on and are never forgotten.