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DJ Ministry--The Deacon of Sound


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"The DJ Road Jam"

For decades, music has helped build and to some degree changed our world for the better (or worse). Today more than ever, companies are thinking outside the box to create the best and most effective way to get their product or service inot the hands of more consumers. Mountain Dew, for example, created its Green Label Art, which is a collection of bottles designed by creative minds from the world of contemporary art and culture to ultimately widen the scope of Mountain Dew customers.

Charlotte is fortunate to have the DJ Road Jam, which is nothing less than a fresh idea that takes audio and video to the client's audience and has the ability to market almost anything. The Road Jam is a 2006 Honda Element that energizes your brand or event and specializes in school and sporting events, trade shows, concerts, radio promotions, grand openings, youth marketing campaigns, tailgate parties, beach bashes, corporate picnics, marathons, and even personal parties.

In the original design of the SUV, Charles Miles, [the original owner and concept desiger] of DJ Road Jam, fostered a relationship with Pioneer Audio, which gave permission to use their logo on the vehicle. Joey Tracey of Sinister Customs in Orlando, FL did all of the custom work and fabrication. In addition to being able to offer everything from a sound system on steroiids to music videos and karaoke, the truck also has a pwoer inverter built into it, so ti is completely contained. The Road Jam can rock a party for hours by running an extension cord from a standard wall outlet or it can operate on its own power for a bout 90 minutes.

The Road Jam is laced with an XM Radio, Pioneer Audio Sound System, DVD playback system (inside and out), strobe lights, LED lights, a 30-inch LCD screen, external powered speakers with stands, Pioneer Turntables, DVD music videos, a high energy MC/DJ, and a wireless microphone system to facilitate games and karaoke.

The mobile party sitting on chrome came to Charlotte as the result of a business partnership fromed between AGAPE DJ Entertainment and Dance Party Productions. It has rocked events at Universal Studios and Walt Disney World, and has been featured in both DJ Times and Mobile Beat Magazines. It can be booked for half or full day events, depending upon the client's needs. "It's a Nightclub on Wheels," says Wayne Theurer, Director of Operations for the DJ Road Jam and captain of Dance Party Productions.

The DJ Road Jam creates a memorable marketing experience for its client and delivers a form of entertainment like no other. It clearly puts itself in a category of its own. Eventually, the Road Jam would like to expand into other markets like New York, [Miami], Chicago, Houston, Seattle, and LA. The need for coroporate brand awareness will always be there and so will the demand for people to be the face of the product.

For more information, please visit or - Elevate Charlotte Magazine (Anniversary Issue, October 2008)


Elevation (Volume 1)
Energy (Volume 1)
Flashback (Volume 1)
The Hip-Hop Groove (Volumes 1-3)



DJ Ministry – The Deacon of Sound has been rocking club scenes and celebrity parties for over 15 years. DJ Ministry has played for celebrities such as Joey Fatone and JC Chazez of N*SYNC, as well as the cast of The Real World and Carson Daly of MTV. He has also shared the stage with such acts as Michael W. Smith, Third Day, Chris Tomlin, Skillet and The David Crowder Band.

DJ Ministry was a DJ at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida for four years and has been a regularly scheduled DJ at The Groove nightclub at City Walk. He has been regularly sought after to provide entertainment for celebrity events, corporate events and theme park special events, thus making him a featured performer for celebrities and park guests alike.

On New Year's Eve 2003 and 2004, DJ Ministry was co-host to over fifty thousand guests at Universal Studios. In 2006 he was one of three featured emcees at Universal Studios Rock the Universe—Florida’s largest Christian music festival.

His credits also include the 2003 ELCA National Youth Gathering in Atlanta, Georgia; the 2004 LC-MS National Youth Gathering in Orlando, Florida; and the 2006 ELCA National Youth Gathering in San Antonio, Texas where he was showcased at the Gathering's largest venue and was chosen to oversee music programming for the Gathering's nightly dances around the city.

Celebrity events, corporate events, weddings, and parties of any size, DJ Ministry is often a requested Interactive DJ/Party Host and emcee around the country. DJ Ministry adds just the right touch and style needed to entertain with the perfect mix music and energy for any event, so let his years of experience and the credibility he brings as a man of faith be the reason your next party is the place to be!