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Atlanta, Georgia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2000 | INDIE

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2000
DJ Hip Hop Indie


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The best kept secret in music


"DJ Montay on Making Hits for Flo Rida, R. Kelly and Ludacris"

Talking to DJ Montay, you’d never know that he was the producer behind Flo Rida’s megahit, “Low” and DJ Unk’s anthem-dance craze, “Walk It Out.” Yes, the Billboard charts may reflect his production talents, but Montay is over the industry hype. So even though he’s been instrumental in breaking artists that have come out of Atlanta’s busy music scene, due to the mixtapes that he released in the mid to late ‘90s alongside DJ Jelly, he shrugs off any notions that he might be underappreciated.

“I don’t try to look for credit,” he says dismissively. “I’m not that type of dude. I’m still doing what I’m doing.”

And what he’s been doing is staying in the lab, churning out hits. He produced Flo Rida’s newest single, “Suga” and also has production upcoming on Chamillionaire, Ludacris and Shawna, T.I. and R.Kelly’s new projects.

“My advice to any up-and-coming producer is to work hard and be consistent,” he says in his slow drawl. “If you’re trying to be one of the top people, you have to stay at it. I’m in the studio 24/7 unless I’m kicking it with my kids.”

Firmly grounded, you’re more likely to catch Montay at the grocery store buying eggs than at some industry party. But although he’s low-key in his approach to the music game, his presence and influence has been instrumental to the success of the artists he’s helped break.

“My beats are feel-good records,” he says. “I don’t have a set style because I try to do different stuff every time. You really can’t recreate something that’s already been done. You just have to make the next thing that’s going to top that.” –j.h. - Rolling Out Magazine

"SCRATCH BLOG: Q&A With DJ Unk and DJ Montay"

You remember DJ Unk, right? The 26-year old Atlanta DJ made the whole country “Walk It Out” back in 2006, and after selling over 200 thousand copies of his debut album, Beat’n Down Yo Block!, he’s occupied his time touring the world and making notable guest appearances (Three 6 Mafia’s “I’d Rather,” and the remix to VIC’s “Get Silly,”among others), while creepin on another come-up. Meanwhile, DJ Montay, who produced the lion’s share of UNK’s debut, went on to score Flo Rida’s record-breaking single “Low,” while continuing to DJ both on radio in Atlanta and in the clubs.

The two Big Oomp Camp alums are now back with DJ Unk’s new single, “Show Out,” from his sophomore LP, 2nd Season, due out November 4th. I recently caught up with Montay and Unk, here’s how the conversation went.

Scratch: NBA 2k9 just hit stores and you’re track “In Yo Face” is used in the trailers. Talk about how that song came together and what went into making it

DJ Unk: They have this segment [in Atlanta] on the news where it’s Fox 5 News Sports “In Your Face.” It’s real big in the high schools, the football games, the different teams and the games. The rivalry, this side better than your side. That was where I got the whole concept of “In Yo Face” from. When I went to Montay with the idea, his mind was already set with the track, as far as the bands, the trumpets and the horns. The liveness of trying to bring the song out. I never knew it’d land on 2k9, which is a blessing.

Scratch: Be honest, 2k9 or NBA Live?

DJ Unk: 2k9 Baby!

Scratch: “Show Out” is the new single. It’s kinda self explanatory. But what were you trying to do with that joint?

DJ Unk: I dedicated that song to my fans because I been out on the road for three years, been around the world- Japan, Italy, Greece, Germany. They didn’t think I was gonna come back, so I had to push out something first to get everybody attention back. Not saying I lost my fans, but I been out for so long, they been asking when you gonna put something new out? So I just figured, second season, this 2nd time around, we gon show out.

Scratch: Montay, was that a beat you had made specifically for Unk or was it up for grabs to anyone and everyone?

Montay: It was up for grabs. It was on the same beat CD as “Walk it Out.” Like, we finna do it again. He did the song, we recorded the song, and that was it.

Scratch: When you collaborate, are you in the studio together or doing a bunch of beats and putting them on a CD and then whatever happens happens?

Montay: Nah, we’re in the studio a lot together. We worked hand in hand for 90% of the album, the rest come off a beat CD. Everything that is on his album is really stuff that ain’t nobody heard yet.

Scratch: Is there a difference what type of tracks you’re giving him and what you’re giving others? Do you have a stash for Unk?

Scratch: Nah, we’ll just sit down. He’ll tell me what kinda song he got and what kinda songs he wanna do and what kinda direction he wanna go in, and I go in and make the beat right then. I just make beats. But if there’s an idea he wants to come with, we’ll just come up with it right then.

Scratch: How long does it take?

Montay: Normally we’ll do about 2 or 3 songs a day. And then he’ll probably just take the beat home and study the beat and study what he gonna say, his lyrics and everything else, and then we’ll just put it together. When he comes up with his full ideas, I might add something in between, like this needs to break down right here.

Scratch: When Unk lays his vocals down, are you in the studio or do you record separately?

Montay: I’m in the studio. I might not be the actual person recording him, but I’m there. I’m there all the time because I wanna make sure he’s laying his vocals right while he there, because he’s always on the road. So I gotta get him while he’s in there.

Scratch: How important do you think it is for you guys to physically be in the same place when the recording is happening?

Montay: It’s important. Because from his end to my end, he like I don’t want nothing that you give everybody. He makes me step it up production-wise. I give him the best beats for his album than the normal stuff I give everybody else. From my end, when he rapping, I make him bring it out. Just add that little swag. We complement each other.

Scratch: What equipment are you using now?

Montay: Logic

Scratch: That’s it?

Montay: Logic.

Scratch: You program in there?

Montay: Yep.

Scratch: All the crazy drum rolls?

Montay: Yep, in Logic.

Scratch: What controllers do you use?

Montay: Everything is done in Logic. Logic and a little keyboard, a MIDI USB keyboard. One of them 99 dollar keyboards.

Scratch: How long have you been on that?

Montay: I been on Logic for about two or three years now.

Scratch: You prefer that to an MPC?

Montay: Yeah. I can take it wherever I want to. I can take my sounds, tweak my sounds how I want it, from my MP, and just put them in Logic. And whenever I travel somewhere, I can make beats anywhere.

Unk: He makes beats while he’s sitting down on the commode.

Montay: That’s how I made the song on his album called “I’m On My Shit” (laughs)

Scratch: You did the Flo Rida joint, “Low,” that sounds like a record I could almost hear Unk on. Do you feel like people are coming to you for that particular sound or have you been able to diversify?

Montay: They asking for that sound, but I switched it up so it won’t be the same. We got an up-tempo record on Unks abums with Ray J. We got another with Ying Yang Twinz. Doing the up-tempo stuff just expanded my production.

Scratch: What other projects have you been able to get on?

Montay: Juvenile. I did the Michelle remix with Flo Rida. I’m working with Plies. There’s a lot of people I’m just getting in with now, making a lot of stuff happen.

Scratch: Because you guys are DJs, the sound you’ve introduced folks to outside of Atlanta, how do you think the sound you’ve created draws from your experience working in the clubs?

Montay: I get to see myself what works and what don’t work. It’s first hand experience. There’s a lot of people that don’t get the chance to see their record in clubs. They thinking they’ll do this record and put it out and it’s an automatic club record. Nah. We get to test our records. That’s where I get my whole style and sound from, the club. I gotta be in the club, and eventually it’ll hit radio. If you got the streets, then you gonna have the radio. They ain’t gonna have no other joints.

Scratch: Unk, you want to comment on that?

UNK: For one, you get to see what’s going on. A DJ knows what to play to get the crowd to do anything. If you want the crowd to dance, you know what to play. If you want the crowd to find the swag, throw on some TI. We’ll take [our records] and go straight to the club and test it, see if its right or wrong. You get that first reaction, and people doing something to it, you know we workin wth something.

Scratch: How are you finding the balance between being DJs, producers, and performing artists?

Unk: I love my job. I love my beginning, I don’t know what my end is. But I love DJing, I always love to rock a crowd. But I also love being on the stage and being right there with the fans. I’d love to expand my career as far as learning production. So it’s all a learning experience for me. I don’t want to drop nothing I’m doing, I want to learn more and continue pushing forward.

Montay: I love DJing still. And I do radio here as well. I love DJing and I love producing.

Scratch: Any last words?

Unk: We’re looking for artists and producers all over, we ain’t doing nothing but expanding and taking over. - XXL Magazine

"Wheels of Steel: DJ Montay"

DJ Montay is not only an incredible mixologist that has clubs turnt up everywhere he goes but he’s an innovator of the southern Hip Hop sound as well.

He began his career with The Oomp Camp and made himself famous by breaking underground records and making the hottest mixtapes. Not only has he been recognized for DJ’ing but also for his production. He’s produced for such esteemed artist as Flo Rida, T.I., 2 Chainz, Future and many more.

Nowadays you can find him DJ’ing on Hot 107.9 in Atlanta,Ga and producing smashes for your favorite artists! Follow him on Twitter: @Djmontay & on Instagram: @therealdjmontay - Bleu Dream Magazine

"Oomp Camp's own DJ Montay 'been making these trap beats!'"

VIDEO: The legendary Oomp Camp producer DJ Montay shows us how to do it. "I been making these trap beats." - DJ Montay - See the Sound


DJ Montay

MIL: Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

DJ Montay: I'm from Atlanta, born & raised on Pop Culture

MIL: How would you describe your style?

DJ Montay: I'm different. I'm kinda like a party type person when it comes to my production. I like to make beats for people to party to. I'm starting to reach out and do everything.

MIL: How did you get your DJ name?

DJ Montay: I really had a different name. My first name was DJ Automatic, but folks were like, 'man that ain't gone work.and I was like, 'I don't know any other name I'll just use my name, DJ Montay.

MIL: Who were the DJ's that inspired you to get into this profession?

DJ Montay: DJ Jelly.

MIL: How does it feel when you're spinning?

DJ Montay: I might show up to the club tired but when I start deejaying and watching people dance and move it's energy for me and I know I'm doing a good job, it's a good feeling.

MIL:Do you host mixtapes?

DJ Montay: I don't host mixtapes. I used to do my own mixtapes as far as production goes.

MIL:What is the most exciting thing about what you do?

DJ Montay: The results. Like 'Man, how did you do it? How did you think of that.' It takes hours to put together like one mixtape. You work on it morning to night and it still might take 2 or 3 days but you get good results. I like making classic mixtapes.

MIL: You are also are a Producer, How long have you been producing?

DJ Montay: I've been producing for about 7 or 8 years now.

MIL: What influenced you to become a producer?

DJ Montay: Well one of my biggest producers who I'm a fan of is Dr. Dre. He's kind of like an all around producer he's had world-class success. Where he had slow, up-tempo, hardcore beats, he showed his versatility and he just do all kind of stuff.

MIL: What have you accomplished so far in your career? List some projects?

DJ Montay: As far as deejaying people know my name, what I do, what I've done and what I can do. I got some mixtapes out. I used to rock the clubs. As far as producing, people know me as producing some of the biggest songs out..

MIL:How would you describe your creative process?

DJ Montay: It's really however I get it, however I wake up in the morning. I don't really be coming up with ideas. I just start making something. I might listen to a couple sounds and it might trigger a beat and it'll fit a sound or a program

MIL: How do you feel about the computer vs. turntable DJs?

DJ Montay: Well, old-school I know but I've had both. I used to have to carry around a whole bunch of damn records and turntables and stuff, so I kinda like the computer stuff because you still have to deejay but some programs you can just hit one button and that's it. I don't know because really, it is what it is. It's different but I like it. I don't have to carry no book bags in the club.

MIL:Who do you believe is the most influential DJ of all time?

DJ Montay: Well me, it would be Jelly. Jelly showed me how to DJ as well.

MIL:What role do you believe DJs play in not just the Hip-Hop community, but in the music industry as a whole?

DJ Montay: I would say a big part. DJs control the music really, if you ask me. They control what's gonna get played if they like a certain record. You want a certain DJ that'll go hard on that track. They might be the reason why a record sticks out. Just start playing it and people just pick up on it, start asking about it. If it weren't for the DJ, it wouldn't get heard. You got a lot of people in the club that don't listen to radio.

MIL:What separates you from other DJ's ?

DJ Montay: My creativity, what I can do, what I can put together as far as mixtapes. My whole style of deejaying is totally different. I feel like a lot of them are different from my style, which is cool because everything evolves.

MIL:What's your favorite genre?

DJ Montay: Rap music. I'm from Atlanta. But I do like everything else, it's just that I love down south music.

MIL: What projects have you worked on in the past?

DJ Montay: "Walk it Out," "2 Step". I did DJ Unk's 1st and 2nd albums, really. Ludacris' "Everybody Drunk as F*ck ,' Three 6 Mafia, Flo Rida's "Low" which was a big record for me because it was featured in a couple of big movies, so that was a nice check. And I was nominated for a Grammy with that record.

MIL:What current projects are you working on?

DJ Montay: Working with B.O.B, a little bit of R&B., some Pop stuff. Working with Ludacris again and.working on some little projects.

MIL: Are you part of a DJ coalition?

DJ Montay: I'm part of every DJ coalition that they ask me to be apart of; I'm down with all deejays. Whatever they ask me to be apart of. I'm supportive of all deejays.

MIL:Are you signed to a label?

DJ Montay: Big Oomp

MIL:How do you create relationships with record labels and how important is fostering those relationships?

DJ Montay: I've formed a lot of relationships with record labels here in Atlanta and worked with a lot of artists. Just being known as a DJ as far as working with new music that just builds up a relationships with labels, A&Rs and everybody. Just know what I've done and the relationships I've formed. Definitely, relationships are the most important thing, can't make big play moves without them.

MIL: Can you tell our readers where they can find you at online?

DJ Montay: @DJMontay

MIL:Do you have any last words for your fans?

DJ Montay: Be on the lookout for new music and projects and follow me on twitter. - Music Is Life Magazine

"DJ Montay"

When Atlanta-based DJ and music producer Montay Humphrey, a.k.a. DJ Montay, walks into a club, it’s not uncommon for the dance floor to be packed with sweaty revelers bumping and grinding to one of his songs. As the producer behind such smashes as the T-Pain and Flo Rida collaboration “Low” and Unk’s “Walk It Out,” Montay has become royalty of sorts in his native ATL—an in-demand club and mix tape DJ as well as one of the most sought-after beat makers in town.

“It’s not about me being a celebrity,” he says, humbly. “It’s just that I grew up around here, so I know everyone. People congratulate me on what I’ve done, but I’m pretty much the same person I’ve always been.”

A huge music lover since his mom bought him his first drum machine at the age of 8, Montay has amassed 30 tattoos—most of them direct reflections that he is more music-lover-next-door than demanding superstar producer. In addition to the names of his three young children, he’s also got the names of his father, who died when he was 5, and his stepfather, who died when he was 11, plus his own initials (his first ink) and a cross on his arm. The rest of the work, much of which was done by Randy of Tattoos by Randy in Jonesboro, GA, is music-centric, including a turntable, a keyboard, and a drum machine. And then there’s the music note next to his right eye. “I got it before everybody started getting all these tattoos on their face,” Montay says, sounding annoyed. Then he breaks into a laugh. “It didn’t hurt that bad. It just felt like a little scratch.”

So what’s next? More tattoos (“After my first two, I went crazy. … They’re artwork, and they’re really addicting,” he says), as well as more songs to keep the party hot. “It feels good to see everybody dancing,” he says. “Music makes everybody feel better. It’s something that keeps a lot of people away from their stress and their problems. It cures everything in the world.” - Inked Magazine

"DJ Montay – Reppin Big Oomp"

In one conversation, you can see that DJ Montay is humble. Though he reps one of the most consistent and hard-working teams in the Dirty South, Oomp Camp Records and Southern Style DJs, Montay Humphrey has produced such hits as DJ Unk’s, “Walk It Out” and “2Step,” Baby D’s “I’m Bout Money,” Flo Rida’s “Low,” Shawty Lo’s “Foolish,” and Academy-Award winning Three 6 Mafia “I’d Rather.”

The producer got his start “buggin [legendary artist] DJ Jelly at the flea market,” proclaims Montay. “I was buggin him with my mixtapes. Then Oomp started up a record label. He wouldn’t let me in at first. But he came around. I was like, 15.” Clearly, Montay had talent. “I always loved music as a kid I was like I can do productions I can try it out I am a beat maker.”

Now, Montay finds himself treated as a veteran in the game. Did you know that Montay is also seasoned in radio? “I’ve been doing radio for like 10 years,” he proclaims. “I started with Gregg Street.” Now, you can find him on WHTA (Hot 107.9) in Atlanta.

The grind still takes a toll as Montay is still hungry for greater success. “I do my craft 24-7. I see my kids in the morning and I’m gone from sunup to sundown.” When asked about spending time working on mixtapes versus actual production, he starts to ponder the question. “There’s a lot of people doing mixtapes. I still do mine at the same time there’s more money for me in the production.”

Montay is gearing up for a very HOT 2009. “I got Flo Rida’s next single. Hopefully, I got T.I.‘s next single. Look for a track with Chamillionaire featuring The Game and Ludacris. Also, new Oomp Camp coming up! We got Baby D coming out of jail soon and he’s coming up! We’ve got a bunch of stuff coming from Oomp Camp!” BE Magazine promises to keep you updated with more on DJ Montay in the near future. - BE Magazine

"Contact Atlanta's Exclusive Interview with DJ Montay"

VIDEO: Contact Atlanta recently had the opportunity to interview Atlanta's own DJ Montay about his career in the music industry. We had an opportunity to ask DJ Montay about his life as a DJ and Producer. - Contact Atlanta


Low- Flo Rida featuring T-Pain

Walk it Out- Unk

Walk it Out (Remix)- Unk featuring Andre 3000, Jim Jones and Big Boi

2 Step- Unk

2 Step (Remix)- Unk featuring T-Pain, Jim Jones and E-40

Who the F*#k is That- Dolla featuring Akon and T-Pain 

I'd Rather- Three 6 Mafia 

Creepin'- Chamillionaire featuring Ludacris

It Is What It Is- Ice Cube

Twisted- Gorilla Zoe featuring Lil Jon 

Everybody Drunk- Ludacris

Foolish- Shawty Lo 

Can You Learn- T.I. featuring R. Kelly

Pop that P**$y- Lil Jon

Mainstream Ratchet- 2 Chainz

So We Can Live- 2 Chainz featuring T-Pain

Money Can't Buy- Ne-Yo featuring Young Jeezy

Up Down (Remix)- T-Pain featuring Lil Boosie, B.o.B and Kid Ink

Let Me Through- T- Pain featuring Lil Wayne

Geronimo- Clinton Sparks featuring T-Pain, Ty Dolla $ign and Sage the Gemini

Mexico- Cash Out

Phone Ringing- Migos

(Plus songs for the Ying Yang Twins, DJ Kay Slay and Sheek Louch from the Lox and 8 Ball)  



Artists all over the country know that if they want to secure a mega hit, all they have to do is contact super-producer DJ Montay.

Montay Humphrey exploded with back to back Top 10 hits in 2008 alone. His most successful claim to fame is producing the number one smash hit "Low" by Flo Rida featuring T-Pain. "Low" stood at the number one spot for 10 weeks on the Billboard singles chart, and was one of the biggest songs of 2008, with 450,000 digital downloads in one week and earning two Grammy nominations. It also helped Montay secure a Producer of the Year nomination at the Ozone Awards as well as several BMI music awards.

"Low" has topped every chart including: iTunes, Billboard’s Top Digital download, Billboard Pop singles, Billboard Top R&B/ Rap singles, Billboard Top Rap singles, and countless others. This single features an instantly recognizable bangin’ beat, a signature T-Pain hook and a hot, lyrical flow from Flo Rida.

Describing how the song broke nationwide, DJ Montay said, "It started with DJ Khaled in Miami and I was playing it here in the ATL, and it took off from there."

By 2006 DJ Montay assembled an impressive list of production credits, but it was the smash hit single "Walk it Out," produced for fellow Oomp Camp member Unk, that solidified him as a household name. The song started on the radio in Atlanta in early 2006 and then eventually took off, peaking at number one on the Billboard R&B singles. It instantly became a club classic that had people running to dance floors all across America. The DJ Montay- produced remix, which featured Andre 3000, Unk, Jim Jones and Big Boi, became an instant hit in its own right as a digital download favorite.

Shortly after the breakthrough success, DJ Montay delivered another club banger "2 Step," the follow- up single from Unk's debut album "Beat’n Down Yo Block" distributed by Koch Entertainment. Its booming bass drops and unique melody reached the Billboard Top Five. And as with any other DJ Montay-produced hit, the remix featured appearances from big names like T-Pain, Jim Jones and E-40. Incredibly, "Walk it Out" and "2 Step" have generated over 2 million ringtone purchases combined.

Not one to rest, DJ Montay produced "Who the F*#k is that" by Konvict Music/ Jive Records late artist

Dolla featuring Akon & T-Pain. He also produced "I’d Rather" for the Academy Award-winning group Three 6 Mafia and "Creepin" by Chamillionaire featuring Ludacris. His credits also include Ice Cube's "It is What it Is" off of his "I Am the West" album, "Twisted" by Gorilla Zoe featuring Lil Jon and the irresponsibly catchy "Everybody Drunk" off of Ludacris' "Battle of the Sexes" album.

In addition he produced the hit record "Foolish" for Atlanta-bred rapper Shawty Lo and songs for the Ying Yang Twins, DJ Kay Slay and Sheek Louch from the Lox. His newer production credits include rapper T.I.’s “Can You Learn” off his “Trouble Man” album featuring R. Kelly, Lil Jon’s “Pop that P**$y” and a track for Memphis rapper 8 Ball.

Montay has assembled a production discography that can’t be messed with. His latest hits include “Mainstream Ratchet” and “So We Can Live” by 2 Chainz and “Money Can’t Buy” by Ne-Yo featuring Young Jeezy. He’s also responsible for producing popular songs like “Up Down” (Remix) by T-Pain, “Geronimo” by Clinton Sparks and “Mexico” by Cash Out.

DJ Montay has firmly established himself as one of the top producers in the country and his musical resume continues to grow. He’s the product of hard work and –even though he’s already achieved so much- he’s still in the studio six days a week.

With his relentless work ethic, you never know whose hit he might produce next.

"I’m trying to be versatile- not just ATL projects. You never know what to expect –R&B, Pop, Rap, the list goes on."