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"Jaipur Festival programmer report"

As Festival organisers, we were not sure, what to expect from mps PILOT on the 15th night - we were on top of the Fort overlooking Jaipur - the Pink City. Thinking that he would perhaps to do an hour or so, we had a local DJ on hand to do a few hours. The music started and almost instantly, everyone was dancing - out in the open on a cold winter's night - AND then the rain came down!! Tarpaulins came out to cover the equipment and underneath it was mps not missing a beat and making it look like like nothing had happened - that was the need of the hour - the people on the floor decided, that if he could continue in the rain playing, they could too- and so the 400 odd party people continued having fun till the early hours of the morning - despite the odd shower and Jan cold. The music was terrific - it had to be - otherwise people would have found some excuse to get off the floor and go the many open fires that were around. Some local dancers straight from the villages of Rajasthan had been invited to hear this new sound - and they really enjoyed it - and we got to see see some very funky moves - Rajasthani village style!! Jaipur is not likely to forget this evening for a very long time. The last party held here was exactly a year ago with Aki Nawaaz from London and 12 Rajasthani folk musicians, dancers and puppeteers performing. Both these nights will be remembered for a long time.

John Singh, Honorary music consultant, The Jaipur festival.
- John Singh


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mps PILOT has traveled extensively through a.o. the Balkans, Spain, India, Turkey, Morocco, Senegal, Mali and Burkina Faso and has immersed himself in the cutting-edge world music scene, a musical universe where exciting developments can be heard every day. In every possible direction and slippage between all different genres, mps PILOT maps the crosspollination and divergence of contemporary music. His interest in non-western music started during his time at university. Because of his interest in modern classical and experimental music he moved in 1990 to Amsterdam to enroll in the musicology department. Within the subject of ethnomusicology, however he continued to explore his fascination through sounds from all over the world. After seven years of studying it was time for the real thing.

Nowadays mps PILOT’s refined yet hip mix of non-western music is appreciated way beyond Amsterdam. Since 2003 he is resident at the Sfinks Festival, Belgium. Besides the famous Amsterdam clubs like Paradiso and De Melkweg, mps PILOT is resident DJ at Ethnic Histeric, @ The Sugarfactory Amsterdam and @ Club Rasa, Rasa, Utrecht. For several years he had residencies @ Que Pasa, De Melkweg, Club Mundial, 013/Tilburg, the Global Nights in the artists’ enclave Ruigoord and Mystic Grooves, Utrecht/Amsterdam. He spins regularly for the Dutch/Maghreb organisation Marmoucha and in the Netherlands many times at festivals such as The Music Meeting, Dunya, Festival Mundial, Amsterdam Roots, Oerol, The Amsterdam Dance Event, Mysteryland, Dancevalley, 5 Days Off, The Contrabanda Festival and Lowlands. His overseas DJ trips in 2003, 2004 and 2008 brought him to Le Festival au Désert in Essakane, Mali. In 2004 mps PILOT deejayed WOMEX. In 2005 he performed during the Jaipur Festival in Rajasthan and in Mumbay, India. In 2005 he stirred up 10,000 people during the Rawafid Festival in Casablanca and in 2006 & 2008 a crowd of 50,000 at the Timitar Festival in Agadir, Marokko. 2007 saw the The Sziget Festival, North Sea Jazz & Sfinks. January 2008 DJ mps PILOT traveled one month in Mali also to play for the 3rd time @ Le Festival au Désert. Other worldwide performances took place in Paris (New morning), Amman (Grand Hyatt), Carpe Riu Manresa, Cairo (Makan) & Istanbul with The Akatay project, turkeys most renowned percussionists (The Hall).

With an expressive and convincing execution, mps PILOT is able to let traditional and modern styles from Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America flow through each other, forming a contagious sound. mps PILOT elevates ‘beatmatching’ to a high form of art. He weaves dance, drum n’ bass rhythms, flamenco palmas, Indian bhangra-or Desi beats and Latin percussion solos into an organic whole. Using a rhythmic, intelligent mix technique, mps PILOT’s music functions as a mindopener.

Dj mps PILOT performed alongside artists such as the Tarafs de Haidouks (tour), Tinariwen, Ojos De Brujo, Shantel, Zuco103, Habib Koite, Sekouba Bambino, Natacha Atlas, salif Keita, Toumani Diabate, Mory Kante, DJ Dolores & Orchestra Santa Massa, N.O.H.A., Konono No.1, Cheb Khaled, and to other worldgroove DJ’s such as Future World Funk, Bobby & Nihal, DJ Ipek, Shantel & the Mr Bongo DJ’s.

For footage of mps PILOT's performances visit

Hogon Bamako
The Hall Istanbul
New Morning Paris
Pikene Dakar
Naharga Fortress Jaipur
Grand Hyatt Amman
Postbahnhof Berlin
NHAC London Bazi
Club Gao
Paillotte Tombouctou
Club Mocha Mumbai
Goya Berlin
Foly Blon Bamako
Makan, Cairo
Platinium Bamako
Carpe Riu Manresa
Docks des Suds Marseille
Foly Blon Bamako
Electrowerkz London
Docks Marseille

Sfinks (Be)
Sziget (Hu)
Dranouter (Be)
Le Festival Au Désert (Mali)
Timitar Agadir (MO)
Orange World Music (PO)
Rawafid Casablanca (MO)
Fira Mediterranea Manresa (CAT)
Jaipur Festival (India)
Les Nuits Atypiques de Koudougou-Burkina Fasso
Afro Latino Bree (BE)
Global Dance Festival Bree (Be)

Booking contact
Horst Timmers
Globalgrooves Amsterdam
Hoeksewaardweg 202
1025PD Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel: 0031 – 20 6811622
Fax: 0031 – 20 6811622
Cell : 0031 6 24447467