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Cypress Hill 1991
House of Pain- Jum Around, 1992
Funkdoobiest, 1993
Black Sunday, 1993
House of Pain: Same As It Ever Was, 1994
Temples of Boom, 1995
Cypress Hill: Unreleased and Revamped, 1996
Sould Assasins I, 1997
Cypress Hill IV, 1998
Tricky- Juxtapose, 1999
Cypres Hil: Los Grandes Exitos, 1999
Cypress Hill: Skull and Bones, 2000
Soul Assasins II, 2000
Cypress Hill: Live at the Fillmore, 2000
Cypress Hill: Stoned Raiders, 2001
Cypress Hill: Stash, 2002
Dust, 2003



Over the past two decades hip-hop music has taken the world by storm. From the old school days when the DJ was a rock-star and the MC was his hype man, to the era of big name ìrappersî, and now back to the DJ / Producer being the main man. One person who has withstood all these years as a world-class DJ and ìsuperî producer is DJ MUGGS. Lawrence, ìMuggsî, Muggerud was born in January, 1968, and grew up in Queens, NY, before moving to Los Angeles in 1984. DJ MUGGS, known through-out the world as the DJ & producer for CYPRESS HILL has a long track record as not only a champion DJ but as someone who has produced music that has sold over 20 million units! He is also one of the few DJís to transcend several eras and styles and still maintain a very successful and relevant career. This path was a long-time in the making. In 1984 when Muggs moved across the country from NY to LA, he also began to start djaying. In 1985 he got his first set of turntables and the path to stardom was in effect. Only a year later he met the people who would eventually form the group CYPRESS HILL, one of the most influential and ground-breaking groups of all-time. It was 1986, the beginning of the golden era of hip-hop when Muggs met Sen Dog and B-Real, part of a group called DVX. At this time Muggs was pursuing his DJ career and honing his skills that he would soon showcase in local and national DJ battles like the DMC competition, while also realizing he wanted to produce as well. At this point his DJ talent was getting him recognized, especially after winning the West Coast DMC competition in 1989. However, he truly wanted to prove to the world that he could make better beats than most other producers. He left on tour with a group called 7A3 and was opening for huge groups at the time like, Salt N Pepa and Kid N Play. However, Muggs felt he had taken his DJ career as far as he could and knew producing was where he had to leave his mark. Previously he did produce a few songs, although he might not have received the proper credits. Muggs produced a track called ìRiver Cubanosî for Mellow Man Ace, another friend and member of DVX, and he also produced ìMad Mad Worldî on the certified gold COLORS soundtrack. Muggs already produced a gold record in 1988! So after, his touring stint with 7A3, Muggs returned to form the group CYPRESS HILL along with Sen Dog and B-Real. They called themselves CYPRESS HILL because CYPRESS was the street they lived on and they lived up the hill on the higher part of the street. Soon after working on some low-budget demos, CYPRESS HILL was signed to a record deal in 1990. Little did they know CYPRESS HILL would go on to have several multi-platinum and gold albums. DJ MUGGS produced all of the music, and their first self-titled album, CYPRESS HILL, in 1991, went on to sell over 4 million copies!!! This album also produced two #1 rap singles, ìHow I Could Just Kill A Manî, which was a b-side, and ìPhunky Feel One.î This was a tremendous feat, especially at that time. CYPRESS HILL, known for their pro-marijuana music, did not disappoint their record label or their fans, when in 1993 they dropped their second album, ìBlack Sundayî which was also produced by DJ MUGGS. This album which sold over 4 million copies as well, was followed by the 2 times platinum album ìTemple of Boomî in 1995, and the 3 times platinum album, ìSkull & Bonesî in 2000. There was also tons of popular singles like the unforgettable ìLatin Lingoî, ìHand on the Pumpî, the # 1 ìInsane in the Membrainî, ìWhen the Shit Goes Downî, ì I Ainít Goiní Out Like Thatî, ìIllusionsî, and the more recent ìRap/Rock Superstar.î Besides these remarkably successful albums and singles, all produced by the one and only DJ MUGGS, there were other albums like ìStoned Raidersî, ìTil Death Do Us Partî, and ìGreatest Hits from the Bongî, that also went gold or platinum. Obviously, DJ MUGGS, became one of the most sort after producers in the game, and in between an extensive touring schedule that kept him on the road for over a decade, he found the time to produce a few soundtrack hits and other groups. Perhaps one of the most recognizable songs and club/bar anthems of all-time, HOUSE OF PAINís ìJump Aroundî single was also produced by Muggs. This single, which is still in every DJís playlist, went on to sell over 2 million copies, along with the album that also had tons of music produced by Muggs. DJ MUGGS has produced and remixed music for FunkDoobiest, House of Pain, Krs-one, Ice Cube, Everlast, Eminem, MC Eiht, Roni Size, The Beastie Boys and more. He even produced ìThe Puppet Masterî with Dr. Dre in 1997. His music has been on movie soundtracks such as ìTraining Dayî in 2001, ìBlade 2î, ìFridayî in 1995, ìThe Cable Guyî in 1996, ìJuiceî, and the previous mentioned ìColorsî soundtrack in 1988. The Muggs produced Cypress Hills hit, ìInsane in the Membrainî was also featured on an episode of The SIMPSONS. With a track record almost unmatched by any producer of his ti