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“DJ Murge” has sold over 7000 copies of his debut album "Search And Rescue" to date. That album reached #13 on Canadian Campus Radio, and the first single from that album: "Shake 'Em Down" featuring “Son Doobie” received light rotation on Much Music from October '03 - February '04. “


DJ Murge is Eclipse Record's foremost producer and DJ. He is also the creative force behind Victoria's "Search Studios". He has grown from humble beginnings, listening to the music on the radio that would later shape his life, into a participant in hip hop culture. Having produced songs with the likes of Swollen Members, Moka Only, Buc Fifty, Abstract Rude, L.M.N.O., Son Doobie, Living Legends, Hobo Junction, Ishkan, Just B, Jeff Spec, Kirby Dominant, Slug, and Eyedea.

DJ Murge started DJing in 1996. A year later he started playing local clubs and on the local university radio station. Eventually he became interested in creating the type of music he was playing, and began working on his first beats in 1997. His first forays into recording were with Moka Only and a local Victoria BC rap group SOS. None of the four track songs made with Moka or the S.O.S. guys were released, but the seed was planted....

Soon after this, Murge hooked up with Victoria based MC, Just B. "We instantly clicked," stated Murge, referring to their musical connection. The two started working on tracks. Within no time, by the hand of fate, they ended up sharing an apartment and had jobs at the same vegetarian restaurant. Still very much a DJ as well as a producer, Murge realized that his record buying had gotten out of hand: "I was at work and received a call from Just B asking if I had paid the electric bill. It turns out he had come home to no power". After the power was restored, Murge started work on his first solo instrumental album aptly entitled "Many Moods". He dug through his parent's records and thrift shops to create this album, using it as means to examine himself in solitude. It became apparent that if he wanted to succeed in music, his undivided attention would be required.

Initially working a regular 9-5 job upon his return, Murge eventually decided to quit and open his recording studio Search Studios as a joint business venture with one of his close friends. "Basically, I was scrapping by day to day and (was) by no means financially stable, but I knew in order to succeed with music, it needed all my attention" recalls Murge. Just B, knowing how strong Murge's beats were, and how frustrated so many musicians had become with the mainstream music industry, suggested that Murge start a record label of his own to compliment the studio. He then further suggested releasing a compilation album featuring some of their favorite artists to draw attention to the label, and Murge as a producer.

The label Eclipse Records was born in the June 2001, and with the assistance of Oakland rapper Kirby Dominant, Murge began work on the labels first release the "Search And Rescue" compilation. He flew down to California and spent about two weeks with Kirby, and was introduced to most of the people who would later be featured on Search & Rescue. Since it's release in the summer of 2002 the album has received much praise from many corners of the globe, and has sold over 7000 copies worldwide.

Since then, Murge and Just B have recorded and released their debut album "Until It Ends", under the name of "Insides Out" through Eclipse Records in July 2003. This album consists of material the two had slowly compiled during the recording of Search And Rescue. "Until It Ends" has received a large amount of respect in the Canadian underground community.

As for these days, Murge has been busy in the studio working with Ishkan, Just B and many others. Keep your ears and eyes open for these hot new productions from the North-West....!


Search And Rescue - CD and 2XLP (2002 - Eclipse/Battle Axe Records)

Search And Rescue Single One - 12" (2002 - Eclipse/BattleAxe Records)

Insides Out "Until It Ends" - CD - (2002 - Eclipse Records)

Ishkan "Murder Mouth" b/w "Boing" Feat. Moka Only 12" & CD Single - (2004 - Eclipse Records)

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DJ sets are tailored to the situation, but generally consist of a seemless mix of hip hop, funk, and various other beats put together with originality and flare!!! Sets vary in length from 30 mins - 2 hours+