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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF
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From Philadelphia, PA, DJ NoPhrillz has been influenced by Yo! MTV Raps and BET’s Rap City. After hearing music from DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, NoPhrillz began perfecting his craft as a DJ. He quickly became a regular in the DJ battle community in Philly. In 2002, NoPhrillz competed in the NBA All-Star Game DJ Battle and won the Power 99's Power Dome DJ Battle. The following year he was defeated by the legendary DJ Ghetto, but the two became friends and would practice together. DJ Sparkles joined the two, and they formed a group called Def Tec. DJ NoPhrillz toured with the Olive Dance Theater and is the official DJ for Philly’s own Tangled Thoughts. NoPhrillz has shared stages with Method Man, Boot Camp Clik, M.O.P., Ja Rule, Ghostface Killah, Mobb Deep, Schoolly D, and more. He is also a popular mixtape DJ, spinning records for Freeway, Beanie Sigel, Reed Dollaz, E Ness, Jakk Frost and more. You can find NoPhrillz spinning in Philly at the 52nd St. Sneaker Villa on Fridays and Saturdays. Tune in every Monday night at midnight for the live broadcast of with co-hosts with Benja Styles and Big OC Diesel. Also, check out DJ NoPhrillz’s mixtapes titled “World Recognition V8?, “Raiders Of The Lost Art” with Reef The Lost Cauze, “Sicker Than Your Average” with Kev Garnet & Benja Styles, and and countless more on DatPiff. - The Bee Shine

Coast 2 Coast Magazine interviews DJ NoPhrillz - Coast 2 Coast Magazine

The #1 Mixtape DJ in Philly, DJ NoPhrillz has been grinding in the streets since he first heard Jazzy Jeff back in the day. From practicing his skills on make-shift turntables to becoming a superstar in the mixtape scene, DJ NoPhrillz is the definition of hard work and motivation. His talent and real DJ skills have been recognized all over the globe and Sneaker Villa is proud to have him as part of our team. We sat down with DJ NoPhrillz to talk about his life, his outlook on Hip Hop today and what’s up next for this multi-talented DJ. - The Villa

"DJ NoPhrillz official street radio sits down with us and talks to us about his new radio show, philly hiphop and everything else" - Respect My Hustle

They say the city of Philadelphia is the City of Brotherly Love, but when it comes to making it in the music industry as an up and coming artists is that really the case? Don’t get it twisted as the city of Philadelphia has a legit presence in the game right now with current stars such as Beanie Sigel, Cassidy, Freeway, but what about the others on the rise having a hard time.

There is a lot of talk that Philly’s local radio stations don’t support local artists that deals with a lot of politics to get your music aired, but that’s where the DJ comes in. As you know anyway before the radio gives you any shine the DJ always have their ear to the street for the next big thing. DJ No Phrillz is that ear to the street and is doing every possible to have Philly stand by that popular nickname the 215 is known for.

The movement with DJ No Phrillz is about to be major for the support of the city’s locals. Being a part of a movement with Exponent Entertainment (shout-out to Ccelli and Jodie) they will do everything possible to even making an artist look good, giving local showcases, and professional. Not only that No Phrillz has the mixtape series Phuck Philly Most Underrated letting it be known what’s popping in the city with the hottest artists on the come-up. So if your local radio station is fronti ng on you see how to get at DJ No Phrillz, because if you let it play "he gotchu".

DJ No Phrillz what’s good?

What’s good homey, DJ No Phrillz the Philly representative mixtape specialist and party rocker let it play I got you. I’m good though man just holding it down for this city of Brotherly Love Philly and I hold it down for the whole country any unsigned artist I got them.

No doubt so let’s take it back into your history how did you come up with the name DJ No Phrillz?

It’s real crazy, because my first DJ named was going to be called DJ Wax Spinner. Then one day I was going through my albums and at the bottom it one said No Phrillz and I was like “Damn that’s perfect”. The name don’t really matter it’s all about the packaging and everything.

Did you always wanted to be a DJ growing up?

Yeah definitely my brothers used to do a lot of talent shows in Philly when they was coming up. Everybody was rapping and I just wanted to DJ, I used to watch Rap City, Yo MTV Raps all that shit, and I used to always imagine myself DJing. I used to listen to cats like Jazzy Jeff, I used to have a tape deck and turntable trying to scratch tearing up.

When you got your first set of turntables did you have a hard time working them out?

Definitely it looks easy, but it’s not. I had some bullshit turntables some Gemini and my dad was like what you want to DJ for? “Don’t nobody do that”. I was on some shit back in the day with a sampler trying to DJ with a tape, but finally I got rid of that and got some 1200’s.

Let me ask this, when I talk to a lot of DJ’s a lot of them tell me how the movie Juice inspired them with Q (Omar Epps) DJing was it the same situation with you?

What really inspired me was Jazzy Jeff and it was one gig live from Union Square with Fresh Prince. Jazzy Jeff was scratching and it was crazy live, it’s crazy cause it was like 1986 and I was a little kid. My brother used to have their records and I used to sneak and play them like every other day. If you ain’t never hear that joint you really need to hear it, it’s crazy because they were on a whole different level back then. Yeah, but that’s where it started with Jazzy Jeff.

You from Philly so how you feel being a DJ about the current Philly hip-hop scene?

The Philly hip-hop scene is good, because we have a lot of spitters out here that’s real crazy and their real hot but it’s like these dudes are really not tryna make a song. It’s also no support from each other and that’s why I put out the Phuck Philly Most Underrated mixtape.

In 2008 Philly gottta support Philly, we got a lot of hot songs but nobody is backing each other. Freeway got an album out, Beans got an album out, Omillio Sparks album did terrible ,I was spinning his records. I ain’t gonna front if I like your music I’m a support it on the strength of Philly and that’s what Philly got to do.

Why you think the Philly artists don’t support each other?

It’s crazy it’s just like crabs in the barrel situation that’s been going on for years. It’s like a cycle and at the end of the day I really don’t see a change in it. I’m a try and make a difference maybe I will maybe I won’t. It’s something that been going on for a long time, I can’t explain it. Like for example, Cheek Raw might be from one hood and Young Hot might be from another hood and won’t support each other cause Cheek Raw is from Uptown and Young Hot from West Philly. I’m behind any artists if they serious about their craft and if they really tryna make it I got they back.

DJ No Phrillz tell me about the time of how you got started DJing at Sneaker Villa (A popular clothing outlet in Philadelphia)?

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The words have been echoed through the streets for years, LET IT PLAY I GOTCHU. Since 1996, DJ NoPhrillz has branded himself as an expert in his field. Growing up in Philadelphia, NoPhrillz was influenced early on by YO MTV Raps, Rap City, Video Vibrations on BET, DJ Cash Money, and DJ Jazzy Jeff.

DJ NoPhrillz quickly became a regular on the Philly battle scene. In 2002, he competed in the NBA All-Star Game DJ Battle and won the Power 99FM Power Dome live on air DJ Battle. The following year he attempted to defend his title and was defeated by the legendary DJ Ghetto, who would go on to be the undisputed champion. The two quickly became friends and began to hone their skills. Soon after, DJ Sparkles joined the two power houses to form the famous DJ Squad Def Tec.

Def Tec took DJ NoPhrillz on the road with the Needle and Da Groove Tour. NoPhrillz has also toured with the Olive Dance Theater and was also the Official DJ for Phillys own Tangled Thoughts. While touring with Tangled Thoughts, DJ NoPhrillz shared the stage with Method Man, Boot Camp Clique, M.O.P, Ja-Rule, Ghost Face Killa, Mobb Deep, and Schoolly D.
In 2006, DJ NoPhrillz partnered with two industry leaders to form Exponent Entertainment, a leading management and consulting company based in Philadelphia. From there, he was able to launch and the Official Street Radio weekly radio show with DJ Benja Styles on UE Radio Live. Official Street Radio has interviewed and featured various artists including Capone and Norega, Gloria Valez, Warren G, and many others.

Phrillz has quickly become one of the leading mixtape DJs in the country, flooding the streets with records from Vado, Joe Budden, Freeway, Beans, Reed Dollaz, E. Ness, Chinko da Great, Jakk Frost and many more signed and unsigned artists across the globe.
He is also the creator of the Philadelphia based PSP movement. PSP stands for Philly Support Philly and has become a mantra for all artists in the area.

Presently, you can find DJ NoPhrillz as the head DJ at 40th St. Sneaker Villa on Fri and Sats. A member of the Fleet DJ Squad and the Coast 2 Coast DJ squad, DJ NoPhrillz has been featured in Hip Hop Weekly,, and various blogs and websites. He continues to be a leader and originator in the field, never drifting far from his classic DJ roots.

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