Nelson’s sound is a marinated blend of sexy beats. This unique dish is best described as soul food served on turntables! Like a chef mixing all his ingredients, crafting his own trademark sound, he has fused his tastes together in a celebration of music and movement that can be enjoyed by all.


An artist's greatest struggle is realizing his dream. To create that dream is a labor of love... For Montreal native, Nelson Yang, it has never been a question of what he loves most, but how best to express his passio n for music.

While being an avid listener at a young age to various f orms of 80s electro-synths, Nelson was driven to perform, memorizing lyrics and humming melodies. Wanting to learn more, he picked up various instruments before finding the drums, the foundation with which he would build his temple.

It was also during this time where he was introduced to the world of turntablism, opening a new world of musical and creative possibilities. Back in 1990, he was already learning to beat match, scratch, rewire gear and resample audio.

There are no limits to what sounds possible, only what so unds good, to you - NelsonYang

With almost two decades of experience, his dedication to the pursuit of beats has taken him from dancefloors to DJ booths. Armed with a degree in sound engineering, Nelson has been locked in studios crafting his own trademark sound. From appearances and residencies around the city which include the legendary Sona Afterhours, Unity & Groove Society, to live weekly broadcasts and mixshows as featured on CKMF and Mix96, being around music has remained his priority.

Having been exposed to many genres of music, Nelson has finally found a home in house music to encompass all the key elements of what he enjoys listening to. Be it soulful or deep, tribal or funky, house music is c onstantly evolving but still retains that feel-good vibe. His performances are a showcase of vocals and beats, electronic and percussive, and always lurking, tho se dirty basslines. All these ingredients, for those who have witnessed Nelson's sets, are effortlessly fused together in a celebration of music and unity.

What drives me to perform is the ability to connect with an audience, to see them smile and share with them a gift I enjoy most. Every night, Im reborn with a chance to breathe new life into clubland. Ill see you on the dancefloor, and always, Dance like no ones watching!
- Nelson Yang


DJ Mixes : Love & Heat /
Hetated Volume I & II /
Dusk 'till Dawn Volume I & II/ Grand-Prix '08

2009 - Fuzion