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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Pop EDM


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"Q&A with Djoir Jordan on What It Means To Be Diamond Cut, Tour Life, And More!"

Singer/Songwriter/Dancer/ Entertainer Djoir Jordan may be the freshest artist to hit the EDM/pop/rock music scene in a while. Her edgy style and fun catchy lyrics driven by hard hitting sounds will keep you captured and excited, leaving you wanting more. Djoir has worked with huge named acts such as; LMFAO, Dalvin Degrate and KC of JODECI, Ginuwine, Jason Edmonds, Chuck Cymone, NOVASPACE, Shaneal Funk, Breanna Kennedy and many more. Djoir Jordan‘s single “Get This Party Rockin” (Feat HP) was recently placed in the upcoming movie trailer for Best Night Ever that will hit theaters January 2014. Her 1st single release with NOVASPACE called “Control” (Feat. Djoir Jordan) quickly climbed to #62 on Beatport’s Electro House chart and has gained support from Top EDM artists like the infamous Lazy Rich, Cold Blank, Dirty Loud, Ryan Enzed, and number 1 australian DJ TyDi. Her 2nd release with NOVASPACE called “Right Now” (Feat Djoir Jordan) climbed to #13 on the UK charts and gained support from Knife Party, Gold Top and many more Djs around the world.

Djoir Jordan is no stranger to performing live in front of large crowds and big stages. She’s opened for many multi platinum selling artist, and most recently did an AFE (Armed forces Entertainment) tour in Japan where she performed for the military troops and their families, She’s toured all over Southern California and the US with hopes of touring more within both the US and internationally. It’s safe to say that her high energy shows are quickly becoming crowd favorites and Djoir Jordan is not a name that you will want to ignore.

All Access Music Group writer, Nicole DeRosa recently got to chat with Djoir on what it means to be “diamond cut”, tour life, and more!

How would you describe your music?

My music is very high energy, with a positive message, fun catchy lyrics driven by hard-hitting sounds.

What is that Djoir Jordan style?

My style is a very unique blend of Pop/Dance music garnished with the edginess of rock. My guitarist and bassist come from a heavy metal background so blending it with Pop makes for a very unique sound. I always try to “burn the box”, that way I am never limited to who and what I can be in today’s industry.

When and why did you start writing and performing music?

My love for music started at a very young age. When I was 3 years old, I started singing on stage at my grandmother’s church and totally fell in love with everything to do with music. As I started to get older, I’d hear melodies and lyrics in my head. At the time, I still was too young to really understand what song structure was, so I would just turn on a tape recorder and start recording my random ideas. Funny thing is, I still do a lot of my writing like that today and use my iPhone to memo the different ideas that pop into my head. As far as why? Because I knew I wanted to reflect my light to the world and really impact people with the talents I’ve been given. There is no better feeling than to take people away from whatever it is they are going through and shine your light into their lives. Even if it’s only for a brief moment, I feel I have done my job as an artist. Djoir Jordan looking down

What are your fondest musical memories? When I was probably about 5, my mom and I went to this random fair and somehow made our way into this HUGE concert… Well, maybe it just felt so huge because I was so small! Anyway, my mom snuck me in to see the singer perform and all I remember was seeing a sea of lighters in the air. I was in total awe of how much this one person impacted the entire room. My eyes were locked and I began soaking in every move she was doing and every note she sang. I loved the lights, the clothes and the music. I just couldn’t get enough! From that moment, I was literally hooked. The energy that filled the stadium was unreal. I knew I wanted to be a performer.

I know you have been fortunate to go on to tour in Asia & Europe. Tell me more about how that came about. I was asked to do an AFE (Arms Forces Entertainment) tour to perform for the troops and their families that were stationed all over Japan. I did 9 shows all across Japan in less than 2 weeks. It was such a cool experience to travel around in such beautiful country and give back to the people that fight for our freedom everyday. I was so humbled by their love and support and hope to do another tour again soon.

How does your songwriting process work? There are so many different ways the process can develop. Sometimes it’s an idea or life experience that inspires me to pick up a pen. Other times, I will hear different melodies in my head, which leads to finding the right words to put in place. I also love sitting down with a guitar and working with other talented musicians and songwriters. There is something special about bouncing different ideas off of someone that can lead to something so magical. Other times I get instrumentals from producers and I write around that. There is literally no repeatable recipe for writing a song. It’s all just how you get inspired in the moment.

There are 4 of you in the band. Do you always get along? How did you all first meet?

Yes, we all get along really well! We are so silly and can joke around like family. It feels like we’ve all known each other for a lot longer than we have. Our personalities really balance each other out so it makes for a unique vibe between us. I am so thankful to have that closeness with such talented musicians involved with this project.

Here’s how we met… I originally put out an ad for a drummer and guitar player. After getting a response from Sean, we decided to meet up at Howl at the Moon (Universal CityWalk) where I put him on the spot (and the stage) to see what he was all about. He totally killed it and Sean Kreisburg was the first person I added on for Drums. From there we began to look for a guitar player that would complement the Diamond Cut team. After a few unsuccessful attempts to find someone with same vision and work ethic, we finally discovered and added Nick Arnold (aka: Nick A) as our guitar player. His background is metal and had recently been in a band that was kind of in a stand still. He asked if I needed a bass player because his long time friend and band mate Nick Boger (aka: Nick B) was looking to get involved with something new. After Nick B auditioned, it was clear he was also a perfect fit for the Diamond Cut team.

Besides the band, the Diamond Cut Team is more than just the four of us. We have 2-4 dancers depending on the show, and many other people that dedicate their time to help with the project. I want to make sure I include everyone because I am only as strong as my team and I am so fortunate to have people believing in this project.

How do you balance your music with other obligations?

You just do! LOL! Simple as that! Not much sleep, lots of coffee and patience. I wake up early and go to sleep late. If I’m not grinding between obligations, I’m letting my “competition” get ahead of me. I always say, “If you’re not the one working the hardest, you’re the one left behind”. This is a business and I treat it that way. One of the most challenging parts is balancing everyone’s schedules. I am fortunate enough that the majority of my personal relationships understand what I am doing and support me whole-heartedly.

What is the hardest and best part about being in an unsigned band now?

Best part is having the freedom to make the choices I believe in with my team. Never setting a limitation of what the project can become and working with all kinds of people. I love being as versatile as possible. I also love being able to play any venue, any time and have those intimate moments while building my fan base. Those connections are priceless. The hardest part is supporting this project without a manager, label or investor. I’ve had people interested in coming on board the Diamond Cut Team; however, I want to make sure everyone that is involved in the project truly aligns with the vision and the brand I’ve been building. For the last year, I’ve been wearing a lot of hats, which is great, because I have learned a lot about how to manage the big things as well as the little things. It will be nice once I find the right people to take over some of the responsibilities and I can pick and choose what I take on.


Your motto is “Be Diamond Cut”. Can you explain what that means to our readers and the idea behind it.

My birthstone is a Diamond. I feel like my calling in life is to be a light to the world through my music and to “Be Diamond Cut”. To Be Diamond Cut means to be unique, stand out and reflect your light into the world. Everyone is uniquely made with so many special qualities that sometimes we forget that it’s ok to stand out like that. It symbolizes being yourself and loving who you are and loving what you do so you can bring happiness into other people’s lives. If we stop focusing on everything that is wrong with us and start appreciating what we have and love our “true self” as well as others, that message can be powerful enough to change the world.

Who are your major influences as a performer, and singer songwriter?

That’s a tough one… I have so many influences that it’s hard to narrow it down because I am a fan of all genres and there are pieces that I take from each one. Performance wise I’d say, Michael Jackson, Madonna Gwen Stefani and Pink. Vocally I’ve always loved Brian McKnight, Christina Aguilera and Stevie Wonder. All around, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Prince are also huge influences. See, I always listened to the radio growing up so it was always a mixture of so many different styles. I truly believe that is why I am so versatile today.

Do you get nervous before a performance? How do you handle that?

Oh yes, I always get nervous! It’s a lot of pressure to make sure the show runs smoothly. I always have a panic moment like “OMG, I can’t remember my lyrics!…” then of course I take a second to breath and everything kicks in because we’ve rehearsed countless hours on this. It’s also important to take a moment with my team to remember why we are performing, having gratitude to the talents we’ve been given and to shine our lights into these peoples lives. That usually gets me ready to hit the stage.

Where can we see you perform? Upcoming shows?

We just played the Canyon Club opening for Aaron Carer and we are opening for Fuel on July 29th at the Whisky A GoGo in Hollywood, CA but we are constantly adding new tour dates so be sure to check out

What can fans expect to see at your shows?

You can expect a high energy, party like atmosphere, dancing, catchy lyrics, costume changes, live music, live vocals, dramatic visuals, and I even incorporate my gymnastics background. Everything else is a surprise, so you’ll have to see it for yourself! - All Access Music Group

"American Singer Djoir Jordan Stands for Peace"

Meknes – Djoir Jordan is an American Pop/Rock singer, songwriter and actress. Her song “Party pocalypse” was featured on the 20th Century Fox Film, “The Longest Ride” which was released in theaters April 10, 2015. Discovered via Lady Gaga network, “Djoir” gave an exclusive interview to Morocco World News on her life and philosophy of “Diamond Cut.”

MWN: How did you get your start in music field?

DJOIR: My first experience on stage was when I was 3 years old, and I performed in my grandmother’s church. From there I began singing in traveling singing groups and landed a role on a syndicated kids’ TV show called “Colby’s Clubhouse.” I was one of the original cast members for 4½ years alongside Krysta Rodriguez, who later landed a TV role on the show SMASH. After Colby’s Clubhouse ended, I began singing hooks for various inspiring rappers in high school. After high school, I started auditioning for any opportunities I could find. One of the first projects to jumpstart my career was a girl group called IMPULSE. I was excited to get signed to my first production deal and quickly moved from San Diego to Hollywood, CA. I became one of four members of the group along with Janel Parrish from “Pretty Little Liars.” After making the choice to leave the project, I was asked to audition for a new group called Minx Mafia, mentored by Mr. Dalvin DeGrate from the chart-topping R&B group Jodeci. I landed the gig and became one of the lead singers for this project.

I spent about 2½ years with the girls recording amazing music and got connected to Cassandra Mills, who started Giant Records (of Warner Music), under Irving Azoff. Towards the end, like most girl groups, we found ourselves divided and wanting to go our separate ways. I am still great friends with some of the girls and remained close to Mr. Dalvin and Cassandra Mills. It’s true what they say: Never burn a bridge. I decided to pursue a solo career, checking in with both Dalvin and Cassandra, as they have continued to mentor me over the years. Now my music has been placed on film and TV, and I have made it on the dance charts for both of my singles, “Right Now” and “Control.” I am so excited to see what is in store next!

MWN: What is your philosophy of life?

DJOIR: I always try to remember: Do YOU to the best of your ability and let others do the same. You shouldn’t compete; you should be the best YOU possible. Also, always be humble and thankful for the opportunities and people in your life. Never take for granted the gifts and talents you’ve been given. Walk with a humble heart and treat others with respect and love.

Djoir Jordan

MWN: Your motto as an artist is “Be Diamond Cut.” What do you mean exactly?

DJOIR: My motto is: “Be Unique, Stand Out and Reflect Your Light to the World.”

Being “diamond cut” means you are uniquely made with a purpose! We can easily forget that because of the dark world we live in today. It’s important that we remember to be proud of who you are and not afraid to stand out. Your personality and talents are unique like a diamond and when light hits that diamond (you), it reflects beautiful colors into the world. Always remember: It’s OK to be different, it’s OK to look different, and it’s OK to think outside the box. In fact, never let limitations define who you are, who you want to be, and who you ultimately want to become. Being “diamond cut” is a movement and it’s important that we support each other, while shining our unique light into this world.

MWN: You wrote “Partypocalypse” with David Whiteside, and you performed it. What does the word “Partypocalypse” mean to you?

DJOIR: When Dave and I wrote this song, it was around the time everyone was talking about the apocalypse in the news (which of course never happened). It was our light-hearted way of having fun with this idea and turning it into an “End of the World Party” or similar to Prince’s song: “Party Like It’s 1999.”

MWN: You are a singer, songwriter, dancer and entertainer. How do you manage to do all this?

DJOIR (laughing): Like Nike says, you “Just Do It”! In my opinion, all of that goes hand in hand. Nowadays you have to diversify yourself as much as possible and also know how to multitask. Being a singer, songwriter, dancer and entertainer is the fun and “easy part.” It’s the networking, building solid music relationships, business meetings and scheduling that gets crazy to manage. I am fortunate to love what I do, so it doesn’t feel like work or it’s unmanageable.

MWN: You did an AFE (Armed Forces Entertainment) tour in Japan where you performed for the military troops and their families. Was it a choice or an invitation? Tell us about this experience and what did you gain from it?

DJOIR: It was kind of both. Once you go through the submission and evaluation process they have to approve and an invitation goes out. It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had! Japan was incredible and the people were so warm and welcoming. That tour was my first time traveling outside of the US, so I was like a kid in a candy store with my eyes taking in all the surroundings. It was in April so the cherry blossoms were in bloom, which made for an incredible experience.

The troops and their families were awesome, too! It’s an amazing feeling to give back to the people that sacrifice so much. They are always so grateful for a “taste of home” to come to them and totally welcomed us at every base we performed at. For me, besides building a following, I’d say I gained a sense of understanding of the military life and the sacrifices they make for our freedom. I recently got back from another AFE tour where we went to Bahrain, Turkey, Cypress, Italy, Spain and Portugal. It’s amazing to be able to do what you love and give back to the people that give their lives every day.

MWN: You publish massively on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. What is the contribution of these social networks to your career and to what extent is it useful today to communicate to fans via this tool?

DJOIR: Having an online presence is HUGE nowadays. It opens doors that would have been shut years ago. I try to engage and talk with all my fans via Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook and Periscope and other social media sites as much as possible. Twitter has been amazing to me, because my fans are able to send me direct messages. Now that we are building such a strong fan base, it’s getting harder to keep up with the messages, which is not a bad problem to have. I try my best to talk to everyone I can, because I know it’s important to have a relationship with my fans. I even feature my fans, also known as my #DiamondCutFans, on #FanFriday’s and post pictures of people that come to my show, people that make signs, and people spreading the word in their towns. I love featuring my fans and those that are spreading the word, all starting a #TeamDiamondCut movement. Although online networks have been amazing to me, I also keep it “old-school,” too. I go out and meet people, shake hands and connect, whether it’s at my shows, events I attend, or on a day-to-day basis. With me doing both, I’ve seen a huge boom with my online numbers, which will result in a bigger Diamond Cut Movement.

MWN: You were first a singer in several female pop groups. Then, in 2008, you decided to go solo. Why did you make this change?

DJOIR: It was hard for me to put my heart and soul into group projects and have other people control your destiny. Any time you are in a girl group, it’s like a marriage and if you have one “bad apple” it’s like starting again from zero. As a solo artist, I can have more control over whom I let enter team Diamond Cut. I can make sure I am being true to myself and make sure I’m surrounding myself with amazing people that understand the direction, brand and work ethic I expect. One thing that I loved about being in a group was the collaboration of ideas. That’s why every member of my team has a voice and a unique aspect they bring to the project. I am always open to new ideas that make sense to who I am as an artist. This way I can continue to grow and create something new.

MWN: Which style of music do you mainly see yourself in, pop or rock?

DJOIR: I am definitely a Top 40 pop artist.

MWN: Generally, what are the themes of your songs?

DJOIR: My songs tend to be very fun, bright and upbeat. I like to have a positive message or write about real things that happen in people’s lives.

MWN: In this time of war and attacks, what message do you want the public to take away today?

DJOIR: I stand for peace and unity among all people. It’s important to understand that life is about making choices and I choose to be a light in this dark world.

MWN: Do you believe music promotes peace and do you believe in dialogue between religions?

DJOIR: Yes, I think that no matter what you believe in, people can connect through sound.

MWN: In 2014, you received nominations for Pop Single of the Year and Solo Performer of the Year for the 2014 LA Music Awards. What do you hope to receive in 2015?

DJOIR: Yes, and that was so amazing to be nominated for those awards. Truthfully, I never have expectations about awards. It is important for me to stay focused on creating music from my heart, performing with passion and giving back to my fans. If I get nominated or receive any awards, that’s just sprinkles on a cupcake.

MWN: You have performed in MENA countries. What do you think of Morocco and Moroccan music and is it on your visit list?

DJOIR: I would love to perform in Morocco! Definitely a place I’d like to visit and of course ride a camel! Moroccan music has such a cool beat that you can’t help but move when you hear it. - Morocco World News


Control, Partypocalypse, Raindrops, Right Now, Change, Hate Me, Sky Fall, That Feeling. 


Feeling a bit camera shy


Singer/Songwriter/Dancer/ Entertainer Djoir Jordan may be the freshest artist to hit the EDM/Pop/Rock music scene in a while.  Her edgy style and fun catchy lyrics, driven by hard hitting sounds will keep you captured and excited, leaving you wanting more.  Her positive message to #BeDiamondCut ("Be unique, stand out and reflect your light.") has people of all ages supporting and desiring to be a part of The Diamond Cut Team.


Djoir has performed and/or worked with huge named acts such as:  DEV, The George Shelby Band, Aaron Carter, RedFoo of LMFAO, Hypercrush, Táta Vega of 20 Feet From Stardom, Hok of QuestCrew (ABDC), LMFAO, FUEL, Reel Big Fish, Cassandra Mills, Dalvin DeGrate, KC of JODECI, Ginuwine, Shane Sparks, Jason Edmonds, 112, NOVASPACE, Shaneal Funk, Breanna Kennedy and many more.


Djoir's 4th single "Partypocolypse" aired on ABC's TV series Pretty Little Liars on Episode "Fresh Meat".   It was also featured on USA Network's series RUSH on the "Learning To Fly" episode.  "Partypocalypse" was also featured in the 20th Century Fox Film, The Longest Ride, which was released in Theaters everywhere on April 10th, 2015.  This now makes Djoir 4 for 4 with her releases. 


Djoir Jordan's 2nd single "Get This Party Rockin" (Feat HP) was recently placed in the upcoming movie trailer for Best Night Ever that hit theaters January 2014. 


Her 1st single release with NOVASPACE called “Control” (Feat. Djoir Jordan) quickly climbed to #62 on Beatport’s Electro House chart and has gained support from Top EDM artists around the globe.

Her 2nd release with NOVASPACE called "Right Now" (Feat Djoir Jordan) climbed to #13 on the UK charts and gained support from Knife Party, Gold Top and many more DJs around the world.

Djoir Jordan is no stranger to performing live in front of large crowds and on big stages. She's opened for many multi-platinum selling artists, and most recently did an AFE (Armed Forces Entertainment) tour in Japan where she performed for the military troops and their families.  She's toured all over the United States and continues to tour both in the US and Internationally.

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