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Pete Marriott - "Rap Demon" July 2013 Producer

Pete Marriott - "On & On 2012" by Pete Marriott x Erykah Badu

Pete Marriott - "The Rebirth of Mr. Soultronica" The BRKLYN Collection 2012 Producer

Pete Marriott feat Romance - "The Kidnapping" The BRKLYN Collection 2012 Producer

Pete Marriott/Killah Trakz - "Plant The Flag" The BRKLYN Collection 2012 Producer

Pete Marriott & DVS Jackson, Esq. - "Follow Me" Windimoto 2012 Producer

Pete Marriott - Inside My Love ft. Gloria Ry'ann 2012 Producer

Pete Marriott - The Champ Is Here feat Full Time Grind (HiPNOTT Records 2011) Producer

Soulphoniq (Pete Marriott) - Duh True Joint! ft. E-Dot

Nuke & Kya b/w "Milk & Cookies (Revisited)" Featuring Kya (37 Deep/Swirl World Records 1997) Artist/Producer

Soulphoniq (Pete Marriott) "Milk and Cookies" Featuring Jae Yoon Hah b/w "Have Fun 96" (Swirl World Records 1996) Artist/Producer

Us Plus One "Murder Me" (Swirl World Records 1996) Producer

De 1 "No Longer Your Slave (I Quite)" (Original Jazz Recordings 1995) Guest Artist/Producer

Ari-Up "Me Done" B/W "Keep It Street" (Original Jazz Recordings 1992) Guest Artist/Producer

Romance and the Jazz "A True Story" (True Blue/Idlers/Warlock Records 1990) Producer

"Tag Teaming Them" (True Blue/Idlers/Warlock Records 1989) Producer

Lord Supreme & DJ Maestro "Rattle & Hum" Featuring Chubb Rock and Izzy Ice (True Blue/Idlers/Warlock Records 1988) Producer

Choice M.C. (Choice & Essence) "Let's Make Some Noise" B/W
"This Is the B-Side" Featuring Chubb Rock (True Blue/Idlers/Warlock/G-Street Records 1985-1988) Artist/Producer


"A Shot Across the Bow" (2010) Artist/Producer

"Music Makes Me Happy" (Swirl World Recordings 2003) Artist/Producer

Cheryl Pepsii Riley "All That!" (Forceful/Warner Bros. /Reprise 1993) Sound Designer/ Musician/Programmer/DJ/

Ari-Up "Babi Ari" (Original Jazz Recordings 1993) Producer

Boogie Boys "Romeo Knight" (Capitol Records 1988) Sound Designer/Musician/Programmer



Born in East Flatbush within the borough of Brooklyn, Pete Marriott surrounded himself with music since youth. At the age of 15, Marriott began his professional music career with the The Boogie Boys 1987 track “I’m Comin’” (Capitol), A year later, he found himself producing The Choice MC’s “Let’s Make Some Noise” b/w “This Is The B-Side” (Idlers), the latter featuring a young Chubb Rock as the track’s narrator. The Marriott-produced “This Is The B-Side” became an immediate cult favorite among DJ’s who would make it an important part of their DJ sets for years because of the sound that many feel was ahead of its time. The song was also sampled by, among others, Soul Hooligan, Moby and Photek.

A common fixture in various NYC recording studios as a multi-instrumentalist, sound designer and producer of major and indie releases Pete also produced “Me Done”, a underground classic by legendary Slits front woman Ari Up, Marriott also directed the music video in which he makes a cameo appearance. Currently expanding his new Seattle based studio, The Tool Shed, a hybrid studio which incorporates vintage analog and state of the art digital recording technology. The Tool Shed is also headquarters of his production company, Illogical Industries, LLC. Where’s he’s producing several projects including his forthcoming concept album entitled The Uncomfortable Discomfort of Being Comfortable.

Marriott didn't limit himself as a studio rat; his history in hip-hop radio is worth a chapter or two. Upon becoming a guest DJ for the DNA/Hank Love Show on WNWK 105.9FM, it would lead to having his own Gavin Award winning mix show with host Merc called "H20". The end of that stint lead to another guest DJ spot, this time on Planet Brooklyn with Big Pete and G-Man, before claiming another show on his own, The Hip-Hop Cafe (WKRB). That would lead to doing a show called The Breaking Point (WBCR) with Doug Money, who would later work for MySpace Music. Radio airchecks are highly prized, so if you were doing any level of radio show trading in the 90's, more than likely you will have heard Marriott and not realized it. Check your tapes. By having the boroughs and Tri-State area in his hands, Marriott was able to make and break records. The nature of networking would soon change by the mid-1990's, and it was inevitable he would take his work to new places by exploring the new lands of the world wide web.