Dj Quenique

Dj Quenique


I am a Breakbeat DJ that spins Funky, Nuskool, Florida and Acid Breaks.Sounds like: Dj Icey ~ Norman Cook ~ Breakfastaz ~ Kraftykuts ~ General Midi ~ Tim Deluxe ~ Lee Coombs ~ Pendulum ~ Plump Dj's ~ Smithmonger ~ Stanton Warriors ~ Splitloop ~ Uberzone ~ Rogue Element ~ Freestylers ~ Dj Fixx


Born and raised in Central PA, Dj Quenique knew early in his youth that music was a permanent element of the fiber of his identity. From djing at a large local skating rink for the majority of his teenage years and embracing the early electronic music scene while skateboarding with friends to delving into the EDM scene after picking up and moving to the outskirts of LA, California, he has never forgotten the ever present love and stability music has created in his life.

During his time in CA, the mainstream factor of electronic music led to Quenique listening to and recording hours of live dj mixed sets from the numerous southern CA radio stations. Upon re-establishing his home in Harrisburg, PA, he often frequented underground clubs in the area with the well known and longest running alternative and underground nightclub “The Vault” being the usual on his weekend agenda. “The Vault” embraced the EDM scene and created the most perfect vibe amongst all of the regular party kids in the area and is where he met the person who would become not only a soul mate and wife but also the perfect match of enthusiasm for EDM and its’ scene. After a long stint of going to clubs in Baltimore, D.C., Philly, New York and central PA and a growing extensive library of all genres of EDM, Quenique took the first step in becoming a dj by purchasing equipment and learning and loving the art form in mid 1999. He joined some local crews and started djing at events on a regular basis.

As the scene dwindled and struggled on much of the east coast and local, state and federal governments enforced new laws focused on eliminating the EDM culture, Quenique and his wife, Kirsten, took much time and care into creating a production company of their own dedicated to not only helping to bring the scene back in general but putting a solid EDM scene in Central PA. Quenique began making demos and promoting himself and quickly established 2 residencies. CPU (Central PA Underground) Productions became Quenique and Kirsten’s primary focus and began creating a stir not only locally but also in the surrounding states…with a growing intense focus on Dj Quenique himself.

After 8 plus years of hosting numerous extremely successful events including the legendary Annual Island Camp-Out w/ the Dj's; C.P.U. Productions has made their mark on the east coast and Quenique has become a crowd draw as well as a commander of his beats and mixes. With tons of fans who support Dj Quenique and are constantly inquiring about new mixes; he has been consistently making fresh demos and putting them into heavy circulation. He has also started to focus an immense amount of time into producing his own tracks and continues to fine tune his technical skills. Dj Quenique has become quite a busy guy and is expected to become even busier! With love for both the Breakbeat genre as well as Funky House Quenique can please any crowd and is considered to be a top east coast Breakbeat dj and PA.'s ..1 Breakbeat dj. He has truly become a Breakbeat dj icon; recently playing alongside top national and international DJ's including: DJ Icey, Deekline, General Midi, The Breakfastaz, Baby Anne, The Autobots, John Digweed, Jen Lasher, Reid Speed, Keith Mackenzie, DJ Fixx, 30 Hz, Far Too Loud, Sam Hell, DJ Trashy, Rick West, Malicious Mike, J-Break, DJ Micro, John Tab, Carbon Community, Channel Surfer, Graham Gibbons, Mike Myers, The Swarm, Chloe Harris, J Smooth and Effex; to name a few.

On to broader ventures, Dj Quenique and his wife moved to San Diego, CA in October of 2005. With interest in him building on the west coast presently as well as east coast bookings rolling in, you are sure to see him on the 1’s and 2’s coast to coast and even internationally! He and his wife recently started up their new production company and record label (Waxworthy, Waxworthy Underground, Waxworthy Entertainment and Waxie Trax) As a Breakbeat production team; you will soon see tracks drop from their collaboration efforts, making Dj Quenique a commodity to the electronic music scene in all aspects of the game! Dj Quenique started from the ground and worked his way up to the complete package. From djing , owning a production company, and throwing massives as well as club events to promoting events as well as the dj’s on C. P. U. Productions roster; he knows the industry extensively and has put that knowledge to good use! When you see the master at work in the dj booth and hear what comes out of his studio, you will soon understand why he has become the man in high demand!


Newest CD ~ A Slice Of The Rhythm Just Won't Do

I also do a live online radio show called
Breakbeat Therapy
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Set List

1 hour- 2 hour DJ sets.