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"4 Time S.E.A. Nominated Dj Rage"

SEA: For the people who don’t know much about you, can you tell
everyone where you’re from?
Rage: I am originally from Milwaukee, WI, but I have been living in
Nashville for about 6yrs.
SEA: To date what has by far been the 2 biggest accomplishments for
you as a deejay?
Rage: Being able to DJ with Kid Capri and meeting the legendary DJ
Jazzy Jeff.
SEA: Are you affiliated with any DJ Crews, Families or Organizations? If
so, which ones?
Rage: I’m currently affiliated with The Shadyville DJ’s, Future Star DjJs,
Slip N Slide DJ’s, Hood Hard and the Hitplayaz.
SEA: How do you feel about some of the DJ Crews that just seem to
come out of no where and aren’t even run by a DJ?
Rage: I really don’t think about them much because most of those crews
will fall hard. They lack the foundation to maintain a family of DJs. Most
people today think that because they own 300 songs that they’re a
deejay. Then they find 6 or 7 other 300 song DJ’s and think they have
a crew!
SEA: You’re also a DJ for WQQK in Nashville, TN, but are there any other
stations or clubs you’re working with as well?
Rage: I currently do mixes for KOPW in Omaha, NE and WHTU 97.9 in
Meridian, MS. As far as clubs go I’m the house DJ at Club Creme but
I also do a lot of events at other venues around the city of Nashville, in
Louisville, KY and parts of Indiana.
SEA: There was a point in time where a DJ was not financially rewarded
for their hard work by promoters in Nashville and there seemed to be a
lack of unity amongst the music community in Nashville. What changes
have you seen over the past 3 years regarding that?
Rage: Honestly, not much has changed. Promoters are still trying to
save a buck and so are club owners. There is very little difference that
SEA: How does it feel to be a 4 time SEA
Nominated DJ?? Has your price gone up?
Rage: Being recognized for what I love to
do is always going be a positive in my book.
Mixtape Rookie of the Year twice, Slept on DJ
of the Year and this year being the youngest
DJ to be nominated for old school DJ of the
Year is an honor. But I think my price will go
up when I WIN one!!! LOL
SEA: Finish the statement “DJ Rage is the DJ
you ___________________”
Rage: Want to Win.....
SEA: Any last shouts or upcoming projects/
shows you’d like to inform the readers
Rage: Be on the lookout for the old school
mixtape double disc coming real soon, the
Roc B, P Rich, Intuition projects. Also, Becky
The Great and I are working on a line of shirts
and you can catch my little sister D. Kimbro
in movies and commercials.
SEA: What’s the best way for someone
to reach you if they want to book you for a
Rage: They can contact me for local shows
at or djrage@, my manager Doug Harris
for regional shows at ravenousmgmt@tmo. or for national shows Akio at
Shadyville at akio@shadyvilledjs.

- S.E.A Magazine DV8 Pub


Dj Rage Presents Armageddeon, Urban Legends Pt 1, Iam Legend the Mixtape



DJ Rage, the son of prominent Milwaukee DJ, Larry K. Myles, first showed an interest in DJ’ing at the age of 15 via house parties held in Nashville, TN. In 1995 DJ Rage relocated to his hometown of Milwaukee, WI and continued to service house parties while shadowing various Milwaukee DJ’s such as Tony Neal & Doc B. DJ Rage successfully became a member of DJ Tony Neal’s “Another Level Record Pool”. In 2002 DJ Rage found himself back in the ‘Ville shadowing DJ’s Derrick (“The Big DM”) Mason, Darryl Jaye, C-Wiz, C-Lo, Bryant D and DJ team Dolowite & Scooby (from 101.1 The Beat Jamz). In 2003, after a sizable investment, DJ Rage established himself as a member of the only DJ crew in Nashville, TN- the "The Hitplayaz" and is also a member of Dj Whoo Kid's(50 Cent's Dj) Dj Collective The Shadyville Dj's, Slip-N-Slide Djs, and Futurestar Dj's. DJ Rage is known for his impeccable spinning styles, professional attitude, and friendly disposition. He has a great knowledge base of professional mixing and blending of music to keep audiences moving nonstop.