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DJ Rage navigates through decades of classic albums to bring listeners the best in Hip Hop and R&B. On air and in person Rage has the ability to connect with the audience and incite them to dance, or mellow them into a slow sexy mood. He is affiliated with Sprint Radio And the Shadyville DJs


DJ Rage, the son of prominent Milwaukee DJ, Larry K. Myles, first showed an interest in DJ’ing at the age of 15 via house parties held in Nashville, TN. In 1995 DJ Rage relocated to his hometown of Milwaukee, WI and continued to service house parties while shadowing various Milwaukee DJ’s such as Tony Neal & Doc B. DJ Rage successfully became a member of DJ Tony Neal’s “Another Level Record Pool”. In 2002 DJ Rage found himself back in the ‘Ville shadowing DJ’s Derrick (“The Big DM”) Mason, Darryl Jaye, C-Wiz, C-Lo, Bryant D and DJ team Dolowite & Scooby (from 101.1 The Beat Jamz). In 2003, after a sizable investment, DJ Rage established himself as a member of the only DJ crew in Nashville, TN- the "The Hitplayaz" and is also a member of Dj Whoo Kid's(50 Cent's Dj) Dj Collective The Shadyville Dj's, Slip-N-Slide Djs, and Futurestar Dj's. DJ Rage is known for his impeccable spinning styles, professional attitude, and friendly disposition. He has a great knowledge base of professional mixing and blending of music to keep audiences moving nonstop.


Dj Rage Presents Armageddeon, Urban Legends Pt 1, Iam Legend the Mixtape

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