DJ React

DJ React

BandEDMHip Hop

If you want to hear more than just one type of music then you have found the right guy for the job. I really feel like DJ's have been pigeon holed into one genre. I'd like to show some people that we are not all the same.


I'm just like any person out there who loves to listen to music and go out and have a good time. The difference between me and other people is that I truely believe that music is the universal language. The only problem is that there are a lot of languges out there. That's why through the years I've spent putting work into DJing/Producing, I've tried so many diffrent styles. Whether its house, breaks, DnB, Hip-Hop whatever, the more you learn the more people you can talk to right?
That's always been my philosophy and its sems to work because at any givin moment i can deliver any style you want. That's pretty much my outlook on music. It should be fun for everyone and everyone is different so why can't you go out and be exposed to all the languges? Music a great tool for communicating and I just want to be the translator.

Set List

It really depends on what the booking is for. If the freedom is givin to me to play what I choose, you never know what you'll get but it will be rockin'.