"Robert Soko at BalkanBeats night in Mudd Club Berlin belong to the lineage of East European roots revival pioneers who established the current frenzy across Europe." [quotation]


Robert Soko was born 1970 in Zenica, Bosnia (former Yugoslavia).
In the early 90s he moved to Berlin where is he still living.

1993 he began to throw parties for like-minded emigrees and played the old yugo hits. With a melange of irony and nostalgia they finally began to celebrate old socialist bank holidays and the idea of BalkanBeats was born.

Since 2001 he is blasting twice monthly in Berlins Mudd Club: gypsy grooves, tribal beats, and Balkan ska.

DJ Robert Soko plays all over Germany as well as in Paris, Prague, London and New York.
What had started as survival training of emigrants has become an international cult affair.

BalkanBeats DJ Sets are highly addictive with their savage energy, the colourful, fresh timbre, soulfulness and passion. The inexhaustible diversity stems from Slavic, Oriental, Jewish tradition, and from the culture of the Roma people.

Robert Soko has released three compilation CDs called BalkanBeats (Vol. 1, 2, 3) that instantly became a classic of the djs.

Charlie Gillett (BBC) described it as "postmodern disco by way of Abba via the Balkan states"



BalkanBeats Vol. 1 (Eastblok Music 2005)
BalkanBeats Vol. 2 (Eastblok Music 2006)
BalkanBeats Vol. 3 (Eastblok Music 2008)

Brass Attack (Piranha Music 2007)
Brass Noir CD edition (Piranha Music 2008)

Set List

DJ sets usualy lasts between 4 and 6 hours