DJ Rob Fields

DJ Rob Fields


My music is all about energy. This is the type of electronic music that gets people off their feet, moving around, and giving them a reminder that they came to the right place to party. NO ONE sits still when DJ Rob Fields spins, NO ONE!


Show some love to one of Rhode Island's most diverse DJs!

From the rise of EDM comes Rob Fields, who's passion for live, hard hitting music has pushed him to begin spreading that love to others as a DJ. Touching upon a wide variety of musical roots ranging from punk, metal, industrial, and hip hop, he's crushing venues in all over the New England area! Not looking to be some superstar DJ, he's just trying to be able to get out there and showcase his talents while providing a medley of unique awesome tunes to the masses and keep them dancing. From deep house to drum & bass, there is no genre he won't tackle. Be prepared to get floored!