D.J. Robinson

D.J. Robinson

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Hip Hop has revolutioized our culture and our generation! We have takin the good with the bad though. Wille the beat moves my bootie to shake, the pure content of hip hop music has been lost in transition, promoting a lifestyle of sexual promiscuity, violence, drug use and death. I will change that.


Daniel J. Robinson was born and raised in the southern town of Jacksonville, Florida. D.J. began writing poetry at the age of 12, and began singing and acting years before that. In 1997 he became part of the hometown hip-hop group “CAMP QUEST” and co-produced and performed a classic, self titled cd in 2000. This sparked videos on BET, and 3 national tours. D.J. has performed with Da brat, Trick Daddy, T-Bone, Grits, Master P, Cross Movement, 95 South, DC Talk and a host of others! In 2003 D.J. went solo rocking concerts and recording music.

In 2006, D.J. moved to Hollywood, California and since has acted in several TV shows including “BONES,” “Ugly Betty” & “E.R.” and “MTV’s True Life”. He also starred in a two month U.S. national tour, along with performances in Africa! D.J. has also been featured on several nationwide mix-tapes & has completed his second solo C.D. titled “Adventure” and has started recording his newest project “The Rise of the Warriors.” This fall, you can spot D.J. getting crazy on the WB’s hit TV show “Ultimate Choice.” Whether skydiving, puking up raw fish or rocking the shows theme song. The goal of the show is to challenge viewers to make wise choices in life.

Currently D.J. is exploring his musical horizons, and at the same time starring in the “Don’t Get Crushed Tour” performing in various clubs, schools, prisons & juvenile detention centers. D.J. walks in power and is excited in furthering in this adventurous journey called life.


Camp Quest Released 2001 on Shabach Ent.
Camp Quest "In your world" (unreleased) 2003
#1 Contender featured on Dj Mag's ringleader mixtape on Gotee records.
Featured on Pettidee'z "Legacy" cd.
The single "Gunshotz" Featured on the Demetreus "I remember" CD 2004.
DJ'z song Fleshwounds featured on the Godlife records soundtrack 2004.
DJ'z "Adventure" L.P. released 2005 and received airplay in Florida.
2006 DJ Wrote theme song The Florida Gators company.
DJ performed the theme song for the WBtv show "Ultamate Choice" 2006
2007 DJ records first single with vidio "the rise of the Warriors"

Set List

Dj has performed anywhere from a one song set to hosting a weekened confrence. DJ differs from most performers in that he mixes live hip hop with live comedic drama, vidio, stand up comidy along with insperational speeches that lead people to examin there lives and focus on the dreams of there heart.