Dj RocnRol

Dj RocnRol

 Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA
BandHip HopR&B

I breath,sleep,an eat this
I go to bed thinking about it
An I wake up thinking about it
I create feeling because its more than sound coming through your speakers,ITS A VIBE MANNN!!!


Dj RocnRol is Ricardo Parham born in Nashville TN. Moved to Philly at 10,in trouble at 13,between the inner city juvi jails an the suburban group homes i gained an appreciation for a wide range of music.RUN-DMC,Rick James,an classic Rock have had the most influence on me.I started with DEF SINISTER PRODUCTIONS in 1989.This is the time that i developed my style.Which is high octane.I live to perform live.Made alot of great music during this time including The Wizard, Riot in a cage,Dream in Stereo an others returned in 01 with the King of Boogie followed in 04 by Negro Spirituals two years later Life is Good was released.
In Sept. of 2010 I released "OldHead" an there has been no looking back,the list of things i have been able to be a part of here in NEPA,Scranton Pa. to be specific include:

Cover an Feature story The Weekender Oct.20 2010.
Only Hip Hop Artist to have a "Weekenders Music Video Sessions" on Theweekender,com.

Up Close An Personal Feature in the Electric City an Diamond City best of 2010 issue(one of the years biggest) Dec.9 2010.

Outstanding revue of "OldHead" CD by Randy Shemanski former Head Editor Electric City an Diamond City papers. Jan.7 2011.

First ever full Hip Hop performance in Scrantons Saint Patricks Day Parade,one of the largest in the nation.March 2011

Dj RocnRol Radio on WFTE 105.7 FM Scranton,Wilkes Barre,an surrounding area.Featuring NEPA urban music artist only.March 2011 to Oct 2011

Dj RocnRol TV,my currently running,locally filmed show airing on the ION Network Comcast channel 8 which focuses on many different things in the NEPA community.

An a big part of helping to create one of the citys most well known open mics at The Irish Wolf Pub on Wed. nights.
Amongst tons of performances an participation in charity events like Sound For Scoliosis,NEPA Ann,an Rock for Autism.
Im currently finishing up my new album "OldSchool" it is entirely different than "OldHead" which you'll see when you listen to the EPK,where "OldHead" is very structured "OldSchool" is more open ended an even features some new artist including Amber Crystal another very popular upcoming talent.
Scheduled for a Sept.2012 release with new interviews planned.


"The Wizard" Album 1989,
"The King Of Boogie" Album 2001,
"Negro Spirituals" Album 2004,
"Life is Good" Album 2006,
"OldHead"Album 2010
"OldSchool" Album 2012

Numbers 1 an 5 on my EPK are from the new album "OldSchool"
Numbers 2,3,an 5 are from "OldHead"

Set List

1.HandsUp! feat.Amber crystal
2.Into The Night
3.Hip Hop Classic
6.Backoff JackOff
7.Passion feat.Amber Crystal
8.Ape Shit