DJ Rogers & The Party Boyz

DJ Rogers & The Party Boyz

 Houston, Texas, USA
BandHip HopPop

Come Party with DJ Rogers and the Party Boyz as we "Flex" to the Top 100 Radio Charts with our smashing new single "Flex". "Flex" single is already in radio rotation and on Top Billboard Charts while being played on many college campuses. Book a club performance or college tour today!!!


DJ Rogers & The Party Boyz ink major record deal with Hitz Committee/Jive Records after hit party single "Flex" blaze out of control on Top Billboard and Urban Radio Charts this fall. Not to mention, over half a million views and plays on sites such as You Tube and Myspace. Born and raised in Dallas, DJ Rogers had an early addiction to Hip Hop at its core. DJ Rogers is well rounded: a songwriter, producer, artist, and DJ. He delved into producing and Dee-jaying simultaneously, immersing himself in the music. “I grew up off of understanding songs, samples and break beats,” he explains. “That was the foundation of Hip Hop, and the DJ was really just used for the lack of orchestration as a shortcut to loop the track for MCs to do their thing. The DJs were taking the ones and twos back and forth to keep the loop going. I love the structure and the creation of the song, then I like breaking it and rocking the crowd. It's like Jekyll and Hyde, except its two positive sides rather than one negative one.”

During his college days at Prairie View A&M, a Texas HBCU known as much for parties as academics; DJ Rogers was spinning three to four parties per week. While at the school, which is also the alma mater of the legendary DJ Premier, Rogers encountered a wide array of talented artists. “Superstarr”, who wrote and produced "She's Fine" (Halle Berry) for Hurricane Chris, is a student at Prairie View,” Rogers explains. “I and my DSF Entertainment producers all went to Prairie View, as did the rapper Dorrough who did "Ice Cream Paint Job." A bunch of artists go to that school, and that's how the transition to the Dallas sound broke, because Houston wasn't hearing anything that was coming from Dallas at the time.”

With production for artists like Slim Thug, Trae, Hurricane Chris and Dorrough, Rogers is advancing his studio work and songwriting abilities with fresh-faced artists from Houston, Dallas and surrounding areas. His group Party Boyz’ dance-inspired hit “Flex” has been captivating fans in the South, and the sky is the limit for Rogers’ musical repertoire.


DJ Rogers Discography includes:
1) Artist: Slim Thug Song: Top Drop ft Paul Wall Album: Boss Of All Bosses (koch)
2) Artist: Trae Song: Swang ft Hawk, Pimp C Album: Restless (2006) (asylum)
3) Artist: Trae Song: Gittin High Album: Life Goes On (2007) (universal rep)
4) Artist: Trap Starz Clik Song: Get It Big Song: Go Head Album: Hood Depot (2008) (asylum)
5) Artist: Hurricane Chris Song: Walk Like That Album: 51/50 Ratchet (2006) (j records)
6) Artist: Boss Hogg Outlawz Song: Wet Paint Drippin, Song: Hood Superstar Album: Serve and Collect 2: Back By Blockular Demand (2008) (koch)
7) Artist: Trae Song: White Bricks Album: The Beginning (2008) (asylum)
8) Artist: Slim Thug Song: Top Dropped Album: Boss of All Bosses (2009) (koch)
9) Artist: Fat Pimp Song: Check Me Out Album: N/A
10) Artist: Dorrough Music Song: Walk That Walk Album: N/A Label: E1 (formerly Koch Records
11) Artist: DJ Mr. Rogers ft Party Boyz Song: FLEX Album: N/A Label: DSF

Set List

Both club based songs to have the crowd dancing.

"Flex" Single
"The Daddy Stroke"
(15 minute set)