Dj Russian Bear

Dj Russian Bear


I mix records. Really good records. They make people dance. They make people happy. While most DJ's come a dime a dozen, only a select few can do what I do. I play good music. And I play it really well.


The Bear grew up in downtown NYC. After having established himself at the forefront of the NY scene, The Bear picked up and relocated to LA. "I grew up during the golden age of hip hop,and later on I learned to discover the pleasures in finding these and other artsists' original samples," he recalls. "My Dad had a deep, deep record collection." The Bear’s eclectic musical palate stems from the multi-faceted world of music he was bred in from a young age. While he produces, re-edits, re-mixes tracks, scratches & blends, it is his live performance DJ'ing where all his tools come out to shine. To listen to the Bear is to hear a true DJ perform.


Russia Resurgent
Dj Russian Bear Presents Island Maxing
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy: Mashups from your Mommy

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Always down to rock a party, the Bear’s eclectic musical taste allows him to reach any audience, melding eras & genres like no other DJ. From Hip-Hop to Reggae, 80’s to Electronica, Brazilian to Breakbeats to Funk & Soul, the Bear's cutting-edge mashups blend genres in ways previously unimaginable.

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