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The best kept secret in music


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"murder on the dancefloor"
"how we rock"
"hell raizer"

featured vocals:
Mazell feat RYLE "Hardstyle Hoes"

numerous remixes and dj mixes..



Systematically stitching together precise elements of underground hard dance music, industrial strength beats, and a heavy infusion of electronic rock with results that have been described as "the soundtrack to a riot" and "a futuristic disco bloodbath waiting to happen". With an arsenal of progressive production techniques, Ryle is hell-bent on twisting distortion and melody into a symbiotic dance of bit-crushed audio warfare. Combining dynamic layers of harsh screams, angst ridden vocals, and glitched-out hyper editing, Ryle has not only created a hard-hitting sound all his own, but he has also struck a chord with a wide demographic of listeners, creating a die hard internet fan base that will not allow the music industry or pop-culture the chance to define how we assimilate music.

Quickly gaining attention from record labels after a string of successful remixes, Ryle has begun the evolution from dj/remixer, to full blown recording artist, performing and programming everything from vocals, drums, guitars, synths and everything else under the sun.

Breaking new ground and leading the charge of America's hard dance movement, Ryle is currently traveling across the US and Canada with his one of a kind dj performances, and while his demand as a dj is growing like an out of control wildfire, Ryle's uncanny ability to ignite a crowd is virtually pouring gasoline on the flames of every new city he visits. Delivering live vocal performances and incorporating mostly original material and exclusive remixes that utilizes bangin' electro, mainstream rock, underground anthems, and vicious hardstyle beats, Ryle's dj sets are a high energy interactive experience that may feel closer to a hardcore show than a dance club.

With well over a million hits on Myspace, Ryle has connected with nearly every corner of the globe. Recent interest from music industry professionals coupled with the current success of indie-electro and screamo-techno artists, has resulted in creating a buzz about his forthcoming EP due out later in 2009, as well as a massive influx of requests for remixes and featured vocal projects. Already entertaining offers to tour as an opening act for some well established artists, Ryle is hard at work on a new live show that is a much more comfortable avenue for expressing style of music.

Born as Zachary Gibson, He chose the alias of Ryle as a play on words from catch-phrase like nickname. What was once a simple moniker describing an unintentional effect on those around him, it has certainly become something larger, and something that will not be ignored.

With a divine spark of inspiration for live performance and theatre at a very early age, Ryle started his journey down a path of performance and creative expression that would soon be the driving factor throughout his life. As a child it was clear there was something different about him. Opting out of the public school system and attending a school for gifted children, performing and expressing himself creatively became a much needed escape from reality, a way of coping with his parents’ divorce and and making peace with becoming a social outcast. As time went on, this creative expression became something to keep him fighting his way through constant bouts of severe depression and anxiety, violent surroundings, homelessness, and a series of near death experiences.

In 1997, a series of synchronistic experiences led him to an existential crisis and life altering moments where intense psychic phenomena began blowing open the doors of reality. During this experience he found an undeniable connection with the creative intelligence surrounding us all. While those around him thought he was loosing his mind, this couldn't be any farther from the truth, he was actually finding himself, and for the first time in his life seeing things clearly. He was left with a vision, an understanding of his purpose, and for the first time, hope for the future.

The years that followed have resulted in what you see today, the journey of a multi-faceted artist fighting for his destiny. Unlike most of today's well polished and overproduced artists, Ryle's music is admittedly a work in progress. It's possible that is what is resonating so deeply among his friends and fans. In him, they see the possibility of reaching your highest goals, they see that in this day and age, a face in the crowd can rise to the center of the stage and reach millions of listeners without the need of a major label. What you cannot see however, is that this is just the beginning, rising above the ashes of his past and actively creating the future of his dreams, with a vision of transformation in his heart, and a simple desire.. exist to inspire.