DJ Samadhi

DJ Samadhi


A journey through progressive, tribal trance with a twist of psychedelics. Also well known for downtempo, dubbed out ambient and world fusion styled electronica for those reflective and timeless moments.


Michael (Samadhi) first experienced dance music culture when he attended an outdoor dance music festival on the top of Mt Tamborine in 1996. He was 16yrs old, and since then he has never looked back.

Today, Michael collects, explores, mixes and experiments with many forms of electronic music. He has a weekly radio show on Planet Radio in Brisbane called 'Buddha Beats' where he delves into downtempo, ambient forms of electronica as well as driving techno and psychedelic trance.
Michael dosn't like all electronic music for he has a distaste towards house and club dance music for he feels it to be superficial, predictable and boring.

"Its gotta have depth, a sense of unpredictability, playfulness, and the ability for people to loose themselves on the dance floor."

Michael lived and studied in Newcastle where he got his first taste of DJ'ing at a warehouse party organised by his circle of friends to celebrate and promote the launch of their independent record label. Since then Michael has travelled around NZ, China and Thailand only to be washed up again in Brisbane where he has begun in depth studies of Chinese Medicine and Massage Therapy. He dreams of operating an Independent record labal, organising outdoor festivals and gatherings and travelling the world playing and dancing.

Major influences in my life:
yoga, nature, travelling, teaching, China, adventures, doof partys, friends, family, Krishna

Richie Hawtin
Jeff Mills
Son Kite
Aphex Twin
Tribal Vision Records
Matsuri Records
Warp Records
Woodford Folk Festival
the list goes on and on......


no releases of my own....

Set List

mix with:
Son Kite
Richie Hawtin
Flying Rhino Records
Dragonfly Records
Tribal Vision Records
Flow Records
the list goes on and on....

Chill sets:
Warp Records
Future Sound of London
Low Key Operations
Aes Dana
Natural Born Chillers
Pitch Black
on and on......