DJ Schematic/HomeTown Villians

DJ Schematic/HomeTown Villians

 Columbus, Ohio, USA
BandHip HopEDM

Hip Hop music minus the glorification of cars, clothes, and money. The brutal, honest to God truth on the greatness of Hip Hop music when its nurtured and allowed to grow naturally. We're Throwbacks with a young sound and approach to the Hip Hop artform. These are veteran artists with polished music.


Hometown Villians consists of DJ Schematic who is the producer, beat maker, and DJ for the crew, and emcees Flip the Early Riser, Supa Dave Haze, Metro of S.A. Smash, Ayce the Prohfit & Shinobi Shaw the 7th Sign(Stonecraft), and Bru Lei & Eclypse the Pretanatural (Spitball). Hometown Villians originates in Columbus, Oh although only 4 members were born and raised in Ohio. The crew come from a heavy Hip Hop culture dating back to 1997 that originated on the Ohio State University in the early 1990's circa Groove Shack Records. The members have watched local Columbus underground artists rise to international prominence such as RJD2, Mhz, Copywrite, J Rawls, Rashad, Blueprint, Stalley, and S.A. Smash(R.I.P Camu Tao). The members honed their artistic skills through performing in open mic battles and studying recording techniques in studio sessions. Some members have been involved in other rap groups in the past,that are now defunct due to mitigating circumstances. The crew members share alike influences in Hip Hop groups along the lines of Gangstarr, Odd Future, Talib Kweli, Pharell Williams, Slum Village, OutKast, Wu-Tang Clan, Common, Kanye West, and Dr. Dre. The motivation and sheer determination to create music is what brought the Hometown Villians together to record the debut mixtape/lp 2010. Only 500 copies of this project are in circulation but the response has been powerful. Online stores such as AccessHipHop in San Diego, CA and record stores such as Grammaphone in Chicago, IL have carried this release. The Hometown Villians are well known in the Columbus, Oh area where the 2010 album was promoted the heaviest. The goal of the group is to build a national and international buzz within the Hip Hop genre, through online and traditional marketing and promoting resources. In order to satifsy the Hip Hop purist, the artistic goal of the Hometown Villians is to recreate the confidence and mystique the Hip Hop artform once possessed. With a mixture of hard and gritty beats, smoothed out with a laid-back, classic Hip Hop sound, the emcees in Hometown Villians are able to please the young and old-school Hip Hop fan with lyrics that comment on the realities of the consequences when intelligence is hard at work . We create music with a guaranteed "shelf-life." Our music is guaranteed to stick to your bones!


Hometown Villians-2010/LP, Mixtape
DJ Schematic Feat. Hometown Villians:
-Under Your Hat/Single
-The Low/Single
-Turn Back Time/Single
-Super Diesel/Single
-Villian's Way/Single
-Hometown Hustle/Single
-The New Earth/Single
-We Got It/Single

Set List

Supa Dave: Super Diesel, Out the Fence, and New Earth
Flip the Early Riser: Under Your Hat, InterPlanet Janet
Ayce the Prohfit: We in This, We Got It, Turn Back Time
Bru Lei: The Secret, Whats that Rhythm, Mindsex
Metro: Thank You, Clean Slate, The Money
Hometown Villains: PRZMATIC, Hometown Hustle, Villiains Way, B.U.M. Report