Concord, North Carolina, USA

I am an EDM dj/producer who was intro`d to electronic music in 1979 by kraftwerks historic track "numbers". Following my passion for this sound i began dj`n and producing my own style of comp. generated beats n basslines catering 2 the crowd & proven 2 have dance floors/parties jumping with energy!


**Im not going to write in "3rd person" because i think it is ridiculous when promoting self**Major influences in no particular order :Kraftwerk : Fixx : Beastie Boys : Grand Master Flash : Uncle Luke : Magic Mike : N.W.A. : Icey : Dj Dan : Bad Boy Bill : I dont necessarily incorporate all these styles together in my music production as i will in a dj set. I have created a style which many say is a "funky break meets nu school" sound. Ive only been producing for a little under 2 years and have quite a few top selling tracks on Beats Digital and Juno. I have recently began writing more house tracks due to the dying genre of breakbeats (i wish i knew how such a popular genre was dying out so rapidly) at any rate i will keep making beats & basslines and continue to rock those that are in attendance where im dj`ing or where my music is being played.


"Down my Way"
"Freak Kreep`n"
"Sweet Sex"
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"Beature Feat 2 The Beat" Album soon to be avail at all I-tunes,Rhapsody, Amazon, all the big online retailer , distributed through :
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Set List

It really depends on the crowd at hand and what response is to prior acts or first few tracks of my sets . Other than that for the most part i play "nu-funk" breaks or "electro house" playing my own tracks and other djs tracks such as Fixx, Icey , dj Dan, Bad boy Bill , etc........