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The best kept secret in music


"Real Detroit Magizine"

DJ Sebas @ Club Score
by Real Detroit Magizine
October 28, 2003

DJ Sebas Arcabascio is now the new resident DJ @ Club Score located in St. Clair Shores Michigan on Harper + 9 Mile Rd.

With his exposure growing rapidly on various web sites, he has gained enough recognition to earn him a spot as the new resident DJ @ Club Score four nights a week.

- Amy Betallo


Musician Interviews DJ Sebas
by Musician MP3 Staff
September 8, 2003

AP: The website @ as a complete in depth interview with up + coming DJ Sebas Arcabascio.....

Check it out @
- Office Staff

" Reviews DJ Sebas Arcabascio"

It's completely fair to use the word impressive with DJ Sebas Arcabascio. That is to say, I'm sharing another of my discoveries with you. The underground is better for DJs like Arcabascio. He doesn't cram nicely into one mold, for one thing. For another, his mixes are lethal unleashings of electronic bliss. They are sometimes eclectic, always interesting and come armed with a wicked hook ... it'll pull you along. Brief examples of that of which I speak. Take, for example, his "Cum Full Circle" mix, which leads off with a liquid dose of psytrance with the musical sensibilities of melodic trance, but run dripping through the filter of goa. With Arcabascio, something like this might turn around and meld into an uplifting piece of epic. It might then phase into a gripping piece of high quality house. From there you might find yourself flowing through a piece of club-pop-dance-trance. Beautiful. Or, for your consideration, there's Arcabascio's "Respect" mix and its immediate - no exaggeration - rush of epic breeze ... which turns out to be the prologue to some funky semi-housey club stuff. Epic trance will pull you in again after a trip to the Club, and from there, who knows where you might float: new wave influences, pop dance, thrusting housiness with jungle's attitude, and even odd grooved techy stuff. Consuming journeys are also to be found on the "Bac 2 Basics" mix when it commences with a little stylish techno industrial, followed up by dark goa-ish computer darkgroove that reminds me of a harder take on some Latex Empire I drowned in once upon a time. Of the mixes I sampled, this was the least eclectic, branded (positively, I might add) as it is by a certain darkness. That is the common factor in these styles that roam from psychotrance that is dark merely by virture of its deep nighttime textures, to aggressive, heavyish house-esque bursts, from epic but midnight trance to moody chilled beats. Arcabascio truly knows how to put together a catchy and compelling mix of dance music and shows talent worthy of attention. Even when his mix from one song to the next is very straightforward quick fading, the tripper is not disconcerted. These dance mixes are groovy with shades on. Top ratings for any of these tasty mixes. Below is a link to the article. - Kristofer Upjohn


• Erotic - 1999 [Trance]
• Set Me Free - 2000 [Trance]
• Awaken Me - 2000 [Trance]
• Alpha + Omega - 2000 [Trance + House]
• Korean Symbols - 2001 [Trance + House + 2 Step]
• Timeless - 2001 [Trance + House + 2 Step]
• Jump Start - 2002 [Trance + House + NY Dance]
• Fluid - 2002 [Trance + House + NY Dance]
• Equilibrium - 2002 [House + Deep House + Electronica]
• Cum Ful Circle - 2003 [Trance + Deep House + Electronica]
• Euphoria - 2003 [Trance + Deep House + Progressive]
• Surreal - 2003 [Trance + Deep House + Progressive]
• Back 2 Basics - 2003 [Trance + Deep House]
• Respect - 2003 [Tech House + Trance + NY Dance]
• Promo CD - 2003 [Various Genres]
• Deutschland - 2004 [Trance]


Feeling a bit camera shy


Sebastian Anthony Arcabascio, also known as DJ Sebas Arcabascio was born on August 17th, 1972 in Southeastern Michigan. The youngest of three brothers, His oldest brother Mike Arcabascio died after only being born for two weeks due to a weak lung. The next to be born was Mike Arcabascio named after his older brother in memory. Vito Arcabascio + Antonina Arcabascio were both born in Sicily, Italy.

His true luv is 'Trance without a doubt” says Arcabascio...He quotes as saying “It just does something 2 me”…. Well whatever it is that it does we all can see it’s evident in his mixes.

In late 1998 at the age of 26 a close friend gave Arcabascio a cd that would forever change his view of music + life forever. The cd was ‘Tranceport’ + the artist was Paul Oakenfold. After listening to that cd Arcabascio wanted to explore + learn more about Electronic music + the art of mixing.

In early 1999 he started mixing various genres of music via CDJ mixing software [Sonic Foundry]. He soon realized by mixing various DJ sets together from various genres of music that he could create a unique genre of music.

In the summer of 2000 he went to Europe for two months to study Architecture, while in Europe he was exposed to European Techno Music + Discotech Clubs for the first time. The two months he spent in Europe would become invaluable + become the foundation for his style of mixing.

His early influences were from such DJ’s as: Armin Van Buuren • The Chemical Brothers • Franky Bones • John Digweed • Paul Oakenfold • Paul Van Dyk • Pete Tong • Seb Fontaine • A young Tiesto + Underworld.

Without a doubt, his ear for taking so many styles of music, Trance, Progressive Trance, House, Deep House, 2 Step, UK Garage and NY Dance, to name a few, has made his sets requested on radio stations in Europe. It's only been 4 years; we can't wait to hear what's next!

To continue learning + exploring new artist + genres of music…As long as I luv music I’ll continue making CDs for my fans + myself….If the luv doesn’t fade then neither will my desire…..

My dream job would be a Radio DJ or promoter of music + artist….I know that I have an ear for music + talent, but my strength’s aren’t in live mixing per say, but more in the recording phase, editing tracks or re-mixing a track. I love exploring + discovering new upcoming talent + defining different variations of genres of music…

To keep doing what I luv to do on my spare time….That would be listening to new music, finding new artist, researching new equipment + staying humble yet determined in my goal of someday doing this for a living….I live music without a doubt, I want to be evolved in some aspect with either a famous DJ, Record Label , Radio Station or Annual Event to say I have made my dreams come true!

DJ Influence’s:
• Armin Van Buuren
• Bad Boy Bill
• Basement Jaxx
• Cass + Slide
• Chemical Brothers
• Chicane
• Dave Ralph
• David Forbes
• Erick Morillo
• Franky Bones
• George Acosta
• Ian Van Dah
• John Digweed
• Josh “The Funky 1”
• Kennith Thomas
• Layo + Bushwacka
• Mark Farina
• Misstress Barbara
• Paul Oakenfold
• Paul Van Dyk
• Pete Tong
• Rui Da Silva
• Sander Kleinenberg
• Sasha + Digweed
• Seb Fontain
• Tiesto
• Underworld