DJ Segler

DJ Segler


DJ Segler's music features solo piano combined with a soothing blend of orchestral voices. Every song delivers a dynamic sense of passion and musical imagery with relaxing textures of soft voices and gentle accompaniment.


DJ Segler has always been inspired to move people with music and has been playing the piano since the age of 6. He often writes his music to an image - a soundtrack of the heart you might say. He hopes to not only inspire people with his albums, but also hopes to move their hearts with the images that are re-created in their imagination through the sounds of his music.

By day, DJ is an engineer at Texas Instruments designing high definition television using Digital Light Processing.

DJ Segler also plays keyboard regularly at his local church near Dallas, Texas.


Daydreams - 2003

1. Daydreams
2. Falling In Love
3. Goodbye
4. Heaven's Door
5. Moving Away
6. Julie's Song
7. Sunrise
8. In Your Arms
9. Water Spirits
10. Almost Home