Upscale drum and bass from all angles with underlying hip hop and reggae influnces. Seamless extended mixes with expert EQing; bass kills, switchups, and snare stabs make the feet shuffle and the party dance! Superb track selector, promos and classics; can read, adapt, and adjust to rock the crowd!


Having played at countless events in the northeast for nine years, I know how to get the party moving. Professional mixing and exclusive track selection make my style unique; Ive shared the stage with Dom n Roland, Stakka, Skynet, Erb n Dub, and Captial J just to name a few. Im proud to say that I insist on using all vinyl, something that dj's have gotten away from in this digital age. Im an original founder of 'Bridge Beats', a Philly favorite drum and bass weekly that had a strong run of over two years. Music influences include James Brown, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, STS9, Theivery Corporation, St. Germain, Wu Tang Clan, Spectrasoul, DJ Craze


"Selfish" Volumes 1-4 2002- 2006. "Selfcast" 2007. "Breathe Deep" 2008. "Sink or Swim" 2009. These are some of my mixes that I give out to get my gigs. A sample of "Sink or Swim" and "Know the Ledge" has been provided.

Set List

Set lists vary depending on the crowd..... Tracks range from the most influential classics to the freshest promo's and dubplates. From hip hop and reggae vibes, to female vocal and dubbed out tunes. Nothing too hard but always hitting, rolling, and breaking like drum and bass should. Tracks from LTJ Bukem, Alix Perez, Visionary, Calibre, Marcus Intalex, Shy FX, Break, etc find their way in to my sets. I can play for as long as requested, but require at least a half hour booked on my end. Check for more info-----