dj shAde

dj shAde

 Portland, Maine, USA
BandEDMHip Hop

I am THE dj for rocking your party, rocking live performances and rockin' table skills in the recording studio.


After getting a taste for hip-hop in the mid 80s via a weekly show on a his local community radio station, shAde decided it was time to dig deeper and really got involved!

With over 15 years in the game, shAde has rocked sets all over New England. He's looking to introduce himself and his mixing abilities to new audiences.

He’s a perfectionist, whether competing in a dj battle, performing a live set or laying down the cuts in the studio.


You call THIS a mixtape (2004 hip-hop b-sides and remix compilation)

Currrently, he focusses on his role as co-host (along with dj Boondocks) of Portland’s most successful and long-running hip-hop open mic night. Infact, the NY TImes’ AHEAD section has featured this night in their publication.

2007 marked the First-Annual We Push Buttons Awards Ceremony. WPB opened the polls to the public and after calculating the results, recognized shAde as the best hip-hop dj of 2007.

Not content to rest on his laurels, shAde is also the beat selector and platter wrecker for Portland’s local hip-hop heroes Labseven.

He’s also worked with Bread, Kenmor, Brzowski, Nomar Slevik, B. Ware the Siniq and others seeking his skills on the ones and twos. shAde’s table tactics have also made it on to the recordings of artists like Poverty and Paranoid Social Club.

Set List

I can play an energetic set of electronic dance, electro, house, B-More house, funk, 80s, mashups and hip-hop.