Maplewood, Minnesota, USA
BandHip HopEDM

DJ SIDEREAL is a DJ from MPLS, MN who has accomplished everything from beating brain cancer to opening for almost every major hip hop act under the sun with many festivals under his belt and thousands of plays for his released songs with a #10 on the indie hip hop charts with "All I Need Is Sunshine


After surviving brain cancer at the age of 17, DJ Sidereal has accomplished
everything from opening for Macklemore to Vans Warped Tour all in the span of
a year. Playing every major venue in his hometown state of Minnesota has given
him the chance to reach the masses nationally. Participating on dates with The
Paid Dues tour and in 2012 he threw down at Rock The Bells in San Bernardino,
CA. This has sparked interest from major sponsors Gpen and Young and
Reckless to work with the talented DJ Sidereal.At such a young age Sidereal
is really taking the industry by storm accomplishing two hit singles, charting at
number 19 on the Indie Hip-Hop charts. His exciting presence on stage really
makes this kid a joy at any show.


As We Proceed

Written By: The Gooneez

Given it to you the realist
Proceed to murder and kill ishh
Keep it coming appealing
Someone gone feel this
Hundred to millions
Feet be stuck to the ceiling
On the brink of becoming illest
Not really but ready for brilliance
Musically is shaking the buildings
Yea I've seen better ways to live my life better days about to strike
Another phase about to rise
Something from nothin but nothing
Is seeming not bad at all
Stunting and frontin hunting for something
That never gone please the cat or dog
Like avatar stickin together all natural
Makin them dollars the Capitol soakin up knowledge
The last to fall
Blasting off have to ball
Seeing the signs like capricorns
Believing in mine no armatures
Shit so pass the tourch
You have no choice ya them boys is alright
Shatter them boards with our might
Capture them cords we star bright
Get us all high smokin Cuban cigar size Gooneez and sidereal
Good is how I feel

Reefer be easin my mind
Simply the kind
Be posting a Vine

So intertwined
Be outta of my mind
Be spitting a rhyme

Im speaking
Im painting a scripture
I'm fuckin it up
With a mixture

So vividly
None of the picture

Easin and floatin
Listen to Ocean
Poets in motion
Billy and frank

Now what do you think
The water you drink
It that avian
Or that from the sink

Stuck on the brink
If your rich
Or your poor
Up on a peatsal
Stuck on the floor

Blowing medicinal
Listen no more
Listen to Jimmy and Ray
The Doors

I like when I sit in my house
Particular couch
My thoughts
Beginning sprout
To give you exactly
What you need
Is what I'm taking bout

I'm feelin it feelin it
Baby, I'm feeling so wavy
Shit, shit is so gravy
Killing a verse
I'm calling a Hearst
They dying on thirst
They lazy

I'm feelin amazing
We eating lobster cajon
We open a couple of cases
It's Mo
Not the aces

Fuck always living so basic
We living expensive tasting
Eating steak and shrimp
Up on the beach
The sun we facing

Sippin a couple drinks
Fuck do you think?
We doin it big ho
Straight capitalizing
Rap enterprising
Bloggin and jogging
With big pros

Chopping it up
We up in the cut
And fuckin it up
The real deal
Working for cake
When bitches are fake
We know they gon hate
We stay trill