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Toronto, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2000

Toronto, Canada
Established on Jan, 2000
DJ R&B Hip Hop


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"DJ Sivuplay: Don't Hurt 'Em"

DJ Sivuplay: Don't Hurt 'Em

Interview by: Tachelle Wilkes

Tachelle: Take us back to when you first got started as a Dj – tell us the story when you knew you were a dj and there was no turning back.

DJ Sivuplay: Well, when I was younger, I used to lock myself in my room to watch music videos - all day and all night. I used to tape them back to back. I noticed that I always wanted each recorded video to flow into the other and I started practising how to record them one by one without having any spaces in between them (I know..WEIRDO!)..anyhow...One day when I was playing my music really loud in my room, my mother came into the room and told me that I played so much music that I should be a DJ and by the next day, I was a dj aha.

T: How did you get the name SiVu Play?

DJS: Umm.I wanted a name that would reflect me. Being born in Montreal. I know several languages and most of all, I didn't want anyone to know I was a girl by hearing my name : ie. using miss or ms or lady or whatever. One day I was skipping French class at school and went up to the radio station at york to hang out. I told DJ Grouch that I neeed a dj name. I was tired of being no named. Everyone was shooting names I wasn't feeling and at the same time teasing me that I had skipped french class and were using french words. I decided to leave and as I was walking towards the elevator, one of the guys yelled out S'IL VOUS PLAIT! I was like ok ok! enough teasing, get a life! but he said NO! That's your DJ name. B4 I finished class I had played around with the letters and came up with the spelling SiVuPlay.

T: What musical genres do you play?

DJS: Everything. R N B , Hip Hop, Ol Skool, Reggae, Soca, Classic House.

T: What is a dj technique that is all yours?

DJS: I like to mix. I just like the way it sounds when you mix a record together. But, you can truly determine if Im playing if your are hearing a soft soothing vibe and gradually it goes up to a hyped/flavor filled/funky vibe. It has to be calm and then get crazy!

T: When you spin in front of a crowd of people explain that feeling?

DJS: It's a wicked feeling. Mind you, when I first started playing, the crowd made me nervous. Being a girl, even if the crowd thinks you are doing good, they don't dance, they stare. I used to make it a rule not to look up at the crowd in the first 20 min of my sets because the stares were harsh. A crowd holds a lot of energy! When they feed back the feeling that you are giving them, its like 500 TIMES as much as you have given them and it feels amazing.

T: What venues have you performed at?

DJS: A lot. There are very few venues that I haven't played. I like to play cities though. I've always had a love for travelling and music so playing different cities is more of my passion.

T: What are are some of your favorite records you spin and why?

DJS: My favorite song is Pleasure Principle by Janet Jackson. I like it because #1, the video was tight. She put a lot of raw energy into her choreography and image in that video. The drums on the track are too funky, yet she was able to make the song sound soft and smooth as well as having lyrics that reflect honesty and independence.

T: What dj equipment do you use?

DJS: Technic Turntables and a CD Mixer

T: What projects are you currently working on?

DJS: Right Now, I'm looking to expand my work worldwide. I've been doing some travelling and have had the chance to dj in Paris, network in the UK, and was recently offered to dj in the Middle East. I want to take advantage of any worldly opportunities.

T: Do you or will you be producing in the future?

DJS: I won't say never but I've never been a huge fan of producing. I'm socially oriented and I like to interact with a crowd and perform.

T: What advice can you offer other females getting into the music game?

DJS: Ha. Do we have all day? 1. Stay strong and know yourself. 2. You will be the black sheep so take it as a compliment. 3. Put your skill and talent before anything else because if you look good djing/rapping/singing etc but you can't put a mix/rap/note together - it's a problem.

T: Feel free to express all other thoughts and opinions.

DJS: I haven't been asked to go back into my past in a while and it's cool to see how far I've come. One thing I want to say is that, although I had made the decision to be a dj, I definitely did not know I would come this far or be noticed. I simply took a turn that lead me on a long journey. Anything is possible so dream big! I also want to thank for contacting me with regards to this interview! All The Best!

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A quiet storm. SiVuPlay, a natural phenomenon in her own right, has the ability to take the crowd on an emotional roller coaster with her spectrum of music tastes. Needless to say her unsurpassed talent, love for music and her overall acceptance within the music industry has made her a force to be reckoned with on her journey to musical success. SiVuPlay specializes in a variety of music which include RnB, Hip Hop, Old Skool, Classic House, Dancehall, Reggae, Reggaeton, Soca and Trap.