Dj Skillspinz

Dj Skillspinz


Dj Skillspinz is the first Christian DJ to release a turntablist record, "Reintroduction Of The Dj" via Rescue Records on April 19, 2000.


Antonio Biggers professionally known as DJ Skillspinz, also Spinz, Tony Biggs, and The Beatician, is a Christian Hip Hop Dj. He is the first Christian Dj to release a turntablist record, The Dove Awards nomination Reintroduction of the DJ (Jan.1 2000), on Rescue Records, a label created by P.O.D. drummer Wuv Bernardo's father and Sonny Sandoval's uncle, Noah Bernardo Sr. It is most notable for being the label that started multi-platinum band P.O.D.

DJ Skillspinz has produced for Platinum recording artist Christopher "Play" Martin (House Party 1,2,3 / Kid n’ Play), title track "Four" off of the House Party Four Conversions album, Wu-Tang Clans own GhostFace Killah’s Theodore Unit 718 (album) and veteran producer Def Jef. DJ Skillspinz also won the AKAI MPC beat battle round 10 in 2013.

He served as the tour DJ for Gotee Records artist Grits and performed the scratches on their album Dichotomy A on songs including “High,” “Bobbin’ Bouncing’ and The Dove Awards winning song “Hitting’ Curves.” He also appeared in the music video Hitting’ Curves. In addition the song "Bobbin Bouncin'" was added to the track list in the XBOX 360 video-game Project Gotham Racing 4

While on tour with Grits, Skillspinz recieved a texted from veteran producer Def Jef by mistake. The two later became friends and Skillspinz produced a DJ song called “Cut Collage” for (Def Jam artist) Bo$$ on her Six Million Dollar mixtape.

He has toured as the DJ for The Ambassador (formally Crossmovement) and appeared on the debut solo album Christology: In Laymens Terms on songs One, Two and Hold Your Ground.

DJ Skillspinz was the DJ for the SteelRoots presents Mixx Masters Lounge Show along with Edward Long, the son of late Bishop Eddie Long and Chris Bullard as the shows producer from 2007-2008. The show was syndicated on INSP network.

Skillspinz also toured on Joyce Meyers Rage Against Destruction tour which traveled across the US into middle and high schools to combat anti-violence. Dj Maj who originally was the DJ recommended Skillspinz due to other obligations.