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Exorcising Ghosts from the Past,
Recycled Sound,
House Specials,
Cerebral Vortex,
A Night at Kabuki Theatre on Acid,
Something for Everyone,
The Alien Deviance EP
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Born in Ohio and raised in the northern VA area, I always focused on art and music. Each of my family members had very different musical tastes, talents, and I had a lot of exposure to each of their musical collections which, in total, spanned from one end of the musical spectrum to the other. Not only was this influential, but it was also educational. In the 80's, I began to discover what my own musical tastes were and they continued to develop well into the 90's. In the early 90's, I had my first taste of pure electronically driven music and by the time I was in college, I had grasped a full understanding of techno (electronic dance music, or edm) and raves.

Having my eyes opened to this world I knew what it was I had been missing in my life because its presence finally completed me. I was so impressed that I felt the need to do for others what had been done for me. Everyone should feel and experience what I felt. What possibly amazed me most of all was it all happened without drugs or alcohol, substances that the media often mentions in ways that are very damaging to the scene. Substances do not make or break a scene; substance use is a choice for everyone. Not everybody ingests substances to feel wonderful at a party, or anywhere else. My favorite moments would include when people approach me just to make friends or tell me how much they have enjoyed my work. I don’t think I could appreciate that if I was under the influence, and it makes everything worthwhile. I hope you will enjoy my work, in any state of mind.

I started to dj in '87 and more seriously in '94 under the name djsquelch (djsquelch, dj squelch, d.j. squelch). I started producing in '92, under the name phase shifts. I spin and produce all styles of edm including ambient, downtempo, lounge, idm, acid, minimal, trance, house, techno, jungle, breaks, dnb, hardcore, happy hardcore, gabber, industrial, avant-garde, experimental, noise, acid jazz, dub, reggae, turntablism, jazz, disco, rock, & spoken word. My equipment includes keyboards, a mac, a pc, a ton of software, several instruments, and random equipment.

Music is my passion and I will always be involved with it in some way throughout my life. I enjoy both analog and digital mediums and will happily work with either one or both in a heartbeat, as this brand of work has always been play to me. My goals include publication, event hosting, artist promotion, and venue ownership. I have played live at various venues and I broadcast online weekly (as djsquelch). There are very few things I enjoy better than the feeling of generating a positive feeling for people listening to my work and mixes. When I am not asleep, you can find me online, working on music, watching movies, listening to audio books, playing games, cooking, or chilling with my dog, Pogo. I find influences and inspiration in everything I see, hear, and do. I try not to shut myself off from a world of opportunity. Every little sound perceived is an influence. All forms of edm (electronic dance music) influence me. What I see is very influential- images, text, events, people. Everything affects me and how I perform and what I perform. I like to fuse elements of various genres together to make new conceptual sounds that you may find thought provoking, not unlike scoring you might hear accompanying a movie or other visual presentations. I believe in plur (peace, love, unity, respect).