DJ Starscream

DJ Starscream

BandEDMHip Hop

DJ Starscream a.k.a. #(0) of Slipknot brings a truly innovative and aggressive style to the turntables, whether spinning hip-hop, jungle d&b or metal.


DJ Starscream traces his love of music and the DJ trade back to his first heartbeats. His vast knowledge and appreciation of all music is attributed to his family, his own curiosity of the technical aspects of his first love, and how various parts of different music and songs could blend together. DJ Starscream experiments with all varieties of music ranging from classical to metal.
DJ Starscream and his crew "Sound Proof Coalition" have been together for over 10 years, and are constantly working on various projects together and independently developing new music and ideas to bring all genres of music together.


Abunaii Sounds - Nitrous Oxide 2003
Sound Assault - Nitrous Oxide 2004
Live at Konkrete Jungle NYC - Nitrous Oxide 2004
Full Metal Scratch-it - Nitrous Oxide 2005