Dj St.Germain

Dj St.Germain


Dj is on the way up with his brand of Country. Rich Melody’s in Heartfelt songs are the perfect complement to his foot stomping’ high octane parting tunes. Backed by a band of world class players that can explode into their high energy show at the drop of a hat… Or when the song calls for it.


The Youngest son of Canada's legendary T.V. and Recording star, Ray St.Germain, Dj was born with a guitar in his hand. He has been paying his dues rocking in Bars, Festivals, Family concerts and T.V. performances for over ten years. As a youth, Dj had the opportunity to perform and record with some of Canada's most talented artists. Quickly becoming an accomplished singer, guitar player and bassist, DJ toured Canada, the U.S.A. and Europe with top Canadian bands such as Juno winner's Eagle and Hawk.

An acclaimed songwriter and music producer, DJ released his debut solo EP in June 2006 to rave reviews. Dj's honest songs and haunting rich vocals takes the listener from a lonely ride through the country to the pitfalls of city nightlife. More then anything, DJ St.Germain is the Real Deal - a gifted singer, an intuitive player, an honest songwriter, a mature producer and some say, a future music legend.


Self-Tiltled EP Released in June /06

Set List


Chickin Pickin Song
She wants to be Loved
On the Line
He Loves Her But...
All my Life
Take me Back
Do you think about me too
Just where I am
The Reel McIvor
My Lady
Forgive Me
To look at You
The Day
Broken Arrow
Miss You
I might be in Love

Folsom Prison Blues
I'm in a Hurry