Houston, Texas, USA

I am producer/dj who makes instrumental electronic music . I showcase the music through dj gigs and a live band. My new album Qingxi has gotten great reviews and charting this year (Released March 2016). I am signed by INgrooves/Fontana (Distr.)


Rooted in a multicultural upbringing in Rotterdam and Suriname, DJ Sun’s work reflects his mission to introduce people to music they may not normally experience, but in a way that “makes sense.” And while his creative edge is steeped in the diverse musical influences of his childhood and in the innate resiliency of his spirit, his professional life is one that has been cultivated by a degree in business and a dedicated obsession to his craft. His album “One Hundred” is proof of this, gaining him a reptuation as a recording artist who is, as critics said, “never content to remain just another face among the multitudes.” And, in keeping with the acclaim of that album, DJ Sun’s latest release, “Qingxi,” stretches beyond the typical as a soundtrack to a multimedia event that was inspired by an ancestral quest to China. Due to this amalgamation of life experience and fortitude, DJ Sun has the privilege to work alongside renowned artists from around the world via his podcast, Everyday is Sunday. It has also opened doors to a variety of opportunities including a multimedia project with Asia Society Texas; MFAH Mixed Media, a sold out multi-sensory event series; and the development of one of Houston’s most popular bar and live-music venue, The Flat.


One Hundred (Soular Productions, 2013)
Monday Drive EP (Alt Take Records)
Sure 7" (Soular Productions)
Para EP (Alt Take Records)
One Hundred EP (Soular Productions)

Set List

The set consists of 15 instrumental songs with a vocalist doing a guest appearance. The sets usually last about 45 minutes.