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"Roth shows college love"

Asher Roth's hit "I Love College" opens with "If you have a drink/Would you please put it in the air?" but the hands in the air at Wallypalooza '09 were holding cell phones instead of plastic cups. Plenty of people on the HUB lawn wanted photographic evidence of seeing Roth live.

Roth played a 40-minute set to close the night, mixing a freestyle rap into a selection of songs from his recent release Asleep in the Bread Aisle. His performance capitalized on the sophomoric attitude that fuels "College," advising the crowd at one point to "smoke weed every day." He closed with his hit and played no encore, but the mostly sedate crowd offered no complaint.

Mike Wallace, event organizer, said despite the controversy that surrounded the choice of Roth as the headliner, Wallypalooza attracted a strong turnout.

"I don't think people thought I could follow through," Wallace said. "I proved them all wrong."

He credited the Wallypalooza volunteers for keeping the show running smoothly.

Though the day was gray and rainy, the drizzles stopped around 6 p.m. and didn't resume until near the end of Roth's set. Event organizer Mike Wallace said the rain didn't have much negative impact on the turnout.

The Wallypalooza logo, designed by Michelle Migliarese, adorned t-shirts and the massive banner over the stage. As many as seven beach balls bounced above the crowd at one time during the performances.

The advertised alternative entertainment options were hit-and-miss, Wallace said. The dunk tank sat unused and the giant Twister board was mostly neglected, but the free water ice proved to be a hit.

Wallypalooza hosted six different acts, opening with local hip-hop/funk group Atlas' Soundtrack. Local rap artist Rone took the stage next with DJ Super Nova.

Super Nova also emceed the event, playing and mixing songs and providing the banter between each set.

Scarecrow Collection, the jam-rock band from New Jersey, calmed the crowd with Jack Johnson-like tunes.

"This is the happiest song we play. It all gets mellower after that," vocalist Gerard Fee said after a downbeat jam.

Then the show returned to an outdoor night club atmosphere with performances by Raw Aesthetic Movements (RAM) squad, Pimp Ninja, Tina Brown and Cory Gunz, who rapped his verse from Lil' Wayne's "A Milli."

Erin Phillips (freshman-biology) said she thought the show catered more to college students than the Movin' On festival did earlier this month.

"I thought more people would be here, but that's because of the weather," Phillips said. "This is more like a party."

Roth took the stage after 9 p.m. and performed a selection of songs from his album, including "Be By Myself," "She Don't Want a Man" and "La Di Da."

Dylan Anthony (junior-economics) said he is a fan of Roth's album, but he was left disappointed by the show and the crowd up until the closing number.

"He didn't do much performing," Anthony said. "His freestyle was kind of entertaining. Most of it was mediocre."

Wallace said he was waiting to see how successful Wallypalooza '09 was before thinking about holding it again next year.

"I think it went great. I couldn't have asked for anything more," Wallace said. "I would love to have this as an annual event." - The Daily Collegian

"Juelz Santana raps to support cancer research"

Juelz Santana was in the building -- but DJ Super Nova said he wouldn't come to the stage until the audience earned it.

DJ Super Nova prompted a competition Saturday night between students from Philadelphia and students from New York, asking each group to make noise. He said Santana wouldn't approach the Paul Robeson Cultural Center's Heritage Hall stage unless he could hear he was at Penn State.

Students representing New York -- where Santana is from -- won the competition, prompting the rapper to take the stage and perform "I Wanna Rock" freestyle.

Kappa Alpha Psi, Inc. hosted Santana's performance. The free concert, featuring Santana and DJ Super Nova from Forensic Unit, was held to support St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, the fraternity's national philanthropy. The pediatric treatment and research hospital accepts all patients, regardless of their family's ability to pay, according to its website.

Just before Juelz Santana appeared, Kappa Alpha Psi, Inc. fraternity members approached the stage to directly bring awareness to the purpose of the benefit concert.

Fraternity vice-president and event coordinator Austin Miller said he wanted to promote awareness for St. Jude's and provide entertainment at the same time -- Juelz Santana was a good way to do it.

"He's a very versatile artist. I think he's one of the rare artists that can cater to both males and females," Miller (senior-journalism) said. "It's a good diversity."

Before the show, the HUB was packed with a line of students -- which went from Heritage Hall's doors all the way to the bottom of the center stairs -- to see the show. Joseph Ortiz (freshman-engineering) said he came to the concert because he grew up around rap and because Santana is a popular artist.

"We like the way he flows with his music," Ortiz said. "I mean, he's a big name."

Ortiz said his favorite song right now is Lloyd Banks' "Beamer, Benz Or Bentley," which also features Santana.

Saadi Javadi (freshman-premedicine) said before the show that it would be "poppin.'"

During the performance, Santana said he wanted everyone to have fun and frequently addressed the "independent ladies" in the room. At one point in the concert, Santana stopped everything in the middle of a song.

"I don't think they're ready," he said, referring to the audience. "Wait, let me look at my watch. I think they're ready."

Cue "Clockwork," a song in which Juelz Santana spurted lyrics like, "Tick-Tock, around and around and around the clock." - The Daily Collegian


5. Austin Millz & DJ Super Nova - "My Trap Of Party (Dom Kennedy Remix)"

This one relies solely on the beat, as Dom's original vocals are used more as a tool than a means to guide the song. Both Austin & Super Nova take Dom's original "My Type Of Party," and give it the trippy treatment. The result is definitely good on the ears. - Vibe Magazine Online


"Voila!" produced by $1 Bin & DJ Super Nova

"Bird On A Wire (Traphouse Remix)" produced by El Banco Niño & DJ Super Nova

"My Trap of Party" produced by Austin Millz & DJ Super Nova

"Trap Fly" produced by Austin Millz & DJ Super Nova



Super Nova grew up in the birthplace of Hip-Hop, the Bronx, New York, and realized at a young age that music bridges the gap between all cultures. Equipped with a unique ear for music, Super Nova found himself inspired by the energy and eclectic sounds in NYC. He spent many of his younger years break dancing, but his attention to the hobby quickly faded once he realized becoming a DJ was his real outlet. The aspiring crowd pleaser would learn while at Penn State University, graduating with an education that extended well past the classroom.

Super Nova quickly became a fixture at PSU campus parties and events, as well as many schools along the east coast. His dominance on the party circuit landed him opportunities to share the stage with a wide range of popular music acts including Fabolous, Wale, Lupe Fiasco, O.A.R., Matt & Kim, and Pitbull. The Gotham City product also adds radio appearances to his musical resume, spinning tracks for All Hit B94.5 FM (State College, PA), The Beat 92.7, 993 FM (Phoenix, AZ), Metro FM (South Africa)and Shade 45 on XM/Sirius Radio. He has also performed internationally, wowing crowds in South Africa, Belize, the Dominican Republic, and Kingston, Jamaica.

For the last seven years Super Nova has worn many faces: a businessman, producer, event planner—but ultimately, he is the deejay. His energy is innovative, offering listeners a new way to shake off the struggles of the present, and escape into the possibilities of the future.