DJ Thibault

DJ Thibault


Dj Thibault's finely tuned chops lie in the art of dropping heavy beats in eclectic sets rooted in the future of trend-setting electro and genre-bending dance music. The sweet spot will be found and punished in each heat-seeking, improvised, performance, no matter what the crowd or venue.


The goal is simple:
Give the crowd a little taste of something familiar, then melt their faces with the power of the unexpected.

The Influences:
The Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Justice, Hot Chip, Dan Deacon, Villians, M.I.A., Crystal Castles, LCD Soundsystem, Le Castle Vania, The Kills, Midnight Juggernauts, Boys Noize, Cut Copy, Fujiya & Miyagi, Tittsworth, LA Riots...

The Sound:
The sets are heavily influenced by the revival of Daft Punk-style electro and cross-over dance music. The table was set when artists like Justice and LCD Soundsystem brought dance music back to the rock and roll kids, and now a generation of DJs and electronic musicians find themselves in a new golden age. Living in a mecca of cool like Austin, it's not unlikely to see the same fans from a Dan Deacon set at a White Stripes show, and Thibault is seizing the day with performances that include everything from hipster electro and post punk to b'more house synth pop.

The Present:
From underground dance clubs and huge events to swanky spy lounges and late-night sushi bars, Thibault has established himself as, not only one of the most eclectic DJs in Austin, but as one of the most exciting new performers in the live music capitol of the world. He has DJed in dozens of the city’s top clubs like Beauty Bar, Red fez, Barcelona, Firehouse, Apple Bar, Light, and Prague, and has performed on some of the most respected live music stages including Stubb’s, La Zona Rosa, The Parish, Antone’s, Headhunters, and even The Frank Erwin Center VIP.
After quickly earning the respect of fellow Austin musicians and performers, Thibault found himself being asked to play events featuring everything from heavy local bands like Ghostland Observatory, The Black Angels, The Lemurs, Clap! Clap!, Haunting Oboe Music, Alpha Rev, and Vehicular, to other nationally recognized acts like The Von Bondies, The Killers, Man Man, Future Rock, Bryan Scary and the Shredding Tears, The Blue Man Group, and Howling Bells.

The Past:
DJ Thibault (Tibaut Bowman) has been around music for as long as he can remember, and even before. While waiting for him to be born, his parents played their favorite composers, Mozart, Strauss, and Beethoven, for him in the hopes of developing his appreciation, and ear, for music. Even as an infant, they piped classical music into his crib as he slept. Tibauts father introduced him to instrumentation at the age of five, with a Ukulele he brought back from a trip to Hawaii, and later exposed him to the music of his era with his old Beatles records. Whether it be as a songwriter, composer, musician, producer, student, or studio engineer, Tibaut’s obvious passion for all things audio has been the driving force of his life and career. While at college in Austin, Tibauts taste branched out to include more progressive/electronic music, which led him quickly into the world of DJing, and the purchase of his first belt-driven, plastic, turntables. He taught himself how to beat-match and mix tracks, and began DJing for his friends at private parties and art shows. Then during his post-graduate sound engineer training at MediaTech Institute in Arlyn studios, Tibaut discovered various different types of audio production software, which he now uses to compose original music, and mix live sets as DJ Thibault.

The Bottom Line:
The soul is back in dance music in America, and Thibault is there push it even further.

Set List

Can play 30 minutes or 6 hours.
No set list.
Read the crowd.