DJ Tim McLoone

DJ Tim McLoone


House DJ based in London (UK), playing a selection of house music but based around tribal/funky/vocal/progressivesounds.


As soon as I was born I was trying to get at those pots and pans to bash them about to get out some kind of beat. I've always loved making noise, and lots of its too, as I've grown older it has started to become enjoyable to others and some might even call it 'music'. I soon picked up a couple of instruments as I was growing up, mainly the piano (I was a strong kid) and the guitar. Occasionally I would attempt to sing but this was usually out of tune (but I still loved it hehe). As time progressed my taste in music grew, fell in love with bands like Queens Of The Stoneage and The Mars Volta. Metal and Indie were a big part of my life. Then I discovered house music...... I moved to London about 4 years ago and started going out to clubs and started to really get into house. Started collecting vinyl and have a nice collection of funky house from 04-06. 2007 moved me towards the digital age and I moved on to CDs and left the vinyl at home. I always wanted to DJ even before I discovered house, over the last couple of years I started to play at a few parties for friends and a couple of bars. Then 2007 saw me finally officially hit the clubs at Crash and then to Future at Club Colosseum. That was it. I'd fallen in love with DJ'ing.
I have now played heavily on the UK gay scene in London including Crash - London's original gay underground club, Beyond - London's biggest gay after hours club and I am now main floor resident for MegaWoof - London's biggest monthly muscle bear club.


All mix sets are on iTunes by searching 'Tim McLoone' or at